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Triune Mercy Center
February 2016                           
                                       A Front Row Seat 
From the associate pastor: 

       Triune is one of those places where it’s easy to see God at work — if you’re looking. 
       One of my favorite areas to see him in action is in our Support Circles ministry.  As a supportive team walks alongside an individual who’s struggling to overcome a challenging life situation, little miracles happen. We love to celebrate the seemingly small victories: another day sober, a new apartment, improved literacy, a first driver’s license, the purchase of a vehicle. Then it’s simply amazing to watch how all these accomplishments build on each other and fuel forward momentum in the lives of our Circle leaders — and their families.  
           More important than the measurable outcomes, however, are the intangible impacts.  Restored relationships, newfound trust in others, renewed hope and increased self-esteem are all parts of the life transformation in our Support Circles graduates.  One woman has a new-found confidence because of new dentures. One man has new opportunities because he learned to read. But Circle leaders are not the only ones blessed: All the volunteers come away equally changed.  
           That’s the beauty of doing life together as God’s children.  We focus on encouraging each other along the way as he transforms us all.  The most important thing is that it’s all about relationship.  How wonderful that we each have a front row seat to watch God at work, transforming lives!
         The next round of training for Support Circles leaders and volunteers begins February 8. If you are interested in participating, please contact me at 233-8020, ext. 170, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by February 4.  
                                                * * * * * *

        Ladies, you are welcome to join us on Sundays, 3:15 - 4:15 PM, for gentle yoga/mindfulness in our third-floor nursery. Bring your mat, or use ours.


January at Triune:
Worship and Bible studies (average attendance):
Sun AM.... 284               Sun PM... 42  

Meals and Assistance Programs:
Hot meals............................   1,900       
Grocery boxes........................  140  households
Pop-top groceries...................     89 individuals
Laundry loads.........................   100                           
Emergency clothes/blankets/kits.. 106   
Bikes ...................................          2        
People placed in rehab............    14     
Jobs .........................................     2 
Social worker consultations....   169 including 40 participants in our Round Tables
                                                               to encourage self-help
Mental health consultations........ 38          
Blood pressures taken.............    54  
Vision screenings ....................... 13
Prescriptions filled ..................       5           
Volunteer hours....................   1,586
Worship with us at Triune Chapel:

February 7, 11 AM --  A gospel quartet and soloists Tim Turner and Carla Rose will lead worship. Deb will preach on "Let Your Life Speak."   
6 PM -- The SonRise Praise Band will provide music, and Rev. Jerry Hill will speak.  

February 10, Noon -- Ash Wednesday service will be led by Kathy Sharp and Elaine Nocks.

February 14, 11 AM -- The Voices of Mercy will lead worship, and Deb will continue our study of Acts.     
6 PM -- Rev. Susie Smith will speak.  
February 21, 11 AM --  The Voices of Mercy will sing, and Deb will preach.
6 PM --  The SonRise Praise Band will provide music, and Rev. Kathy Sharp will speak.

February 28, 11 AM - Soloist Kim Johnson from Earle Street Baptist will sing for us.  
6 PM -- Elaine Nocks will preach. 

  Sunday School - Each Sunday at 10 AM. Starting Feb. 14: The Gospel of John.  
Wish List:
Large-print, paperback NIV Bibles
Ladies' socks
Vienna sausages
Canned meats
Canvasses, 16 x 20 inches
Acrylic paint
Recovery Meetings:

Monday         Noon           Narcotics Anonymous
Tuesday        Noon           Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
Wednesday   Noon            Narcotics Anonymous
                      8:00 PM       Alcoholics Anonymous
Thursday       Noon            Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
                      7:00 PM        Narcotics Anonymous
Friday            Noon            Narcotics Anonymous

Saturday      9:00 AM         Alcoholics Anonymous
                     7:00 PM        Narcotics Anonymous


Serving in February: 
Atlantic Institute                                        Pelham Road Baptist
Bethel Breakfast Ministry                         Prince of Peace Catholic
Brookwood Church                                  Reedy Fork Baptist
Buncombe Street UMC                           St. Mary Magdalene Catholic 
First Baptist of Mauldin                            Sarah Worth and Friends
Grace Covenant Presbyterian                Valley Brook Outreach Baptist
Mauldin UMC
Monetary Donations: 

In memory of Karl Bobo, Jr., William Gault, Wally Planck, and Larry Skinner -  Alvin & Sarah Drake
In memory of Mr. DeWitt - Sharon Huecker
In memory of Albert Egli - A & N Geiger and the Hug family
In memory of Albert Edwards, Samuel J. Faulkner, and Alvin Southerland - WIlliam Campbell
In memory of Phyllis M. Fisher - Mary B. Steck
In memory of Renee & Murray Fishman - Fran Spicer
In memory of Winn Freeman - Kathy & Robert Lloyd
In memory of Inell Hoover - Kenneth E. Moore, Regina Parker, Donna & Patrick Roberts, and Cynthia Waddell
In memory of Kit Norwood - Nancy & Dick Dumont

In honor of Bea Humphries and Delma Woods - Floyd & Nancy Woods
In honor of Lucille, James & Kim Long - Nancy & Dick Dumont
In honor of Mr & Mrs Charles McDaniel and Mr & Mrs Landrum McDaniel - Jim & Lana Bancone
In honor of Rev. Deb Richardson-Moore - Shirley Sarlin
In honor of John Stewart - Revelation SS Class - Buncombe Street UMC
In honor of Joanna Stone - Bettie Creel
In honor of Edd Sheriff - Rose Griffith

Leta Adams
Robert & Joan Adams
Aldersgate UMC
Terrie Barker
Joyce Barton
Berea Friendship UMC
Scott Bethel
Steve Borklund
Bradshaw, Gordon & Clinkscales employees
Thomas & Julie Buchanan
Bruce & Candy Carlson
Hugh Carroll
Linda Carroll
Tina Caton
Challenged for Christ SS Class - Lee Road UMC
Crazy 8 Circle - FIrst Baptist Church
Michael Croley
Rob & Joyce Davis
Earle Street Baptist Church
Rebecca Earle
Susan Fender
Chadmichael Ferber
FIrst Presbyterian Church - Greer
Thayer Fleming
Fourth Presbyterian Church
James Vaughn Freeman
Louis Garmendia
Paul & Jennifer Gasque
Gleaners SS Class - Covenant UMC
Bonita Gossett
Angela Grell
James E. Griffeth
Kimberly Halley
Robert & Ann Haney
Mike & Trish Harrison
Margaret Heatherly
Betty Herrin
Allan & Jana Hill
Patricia Hughes
Katherine Johnson
LEB Glass Studio
Jake & Lauren Lunsford
Elaine Martin
Cheryl & Don McMahan
John Meindl
Cecile Michon & Jerry Lloyd
John & Melinda Nash
Wendy Oates
Gloria Ormsby
Patricia Palastro
JoAnne Pfister
Dana R. Ray
Michael & Margaret Roberts
Donna & Jim Rogers
Jacqueline Rudder
Donna Rycroft
Carolyn Sems
Bernard & Cynthia Showman
Simpsonville United Methodist Men
Charles & Marian Snyder
Albert Somers
Spartanburg County Foundation
Peter & Mary Stangel
Rivers Stilwell
Kirk Stotzer
Rita Szeto
Barry Taylor
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Helen Turnage
Michael & Bonnie Lee Twitchell
David & Luci Vaughn
Bonna Wallace
Dianne Watson
Hans Wiegert
Dr. John Williford, Jr.
Randy & Susan WIllingham
Terry A. WIllis, DMD
Jane & Michael Wilson

Plus, thanks to all our faithful worshipers! 

And thanks to: Matthew Abels, Kathy Anely, John Batson, Brookwood Church, Church at Cherrydale, Furman University, Mitch Gault, Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Tom Hornfeld, Kinard Johnson, Rev. Joel Jones, Steve Kaulty, Carol Kirby, Robert & Norma Lunn, Kevin Mitchell, Sandy Moffit, Martha Pettinato,  Carrie Prechoska and Will Snyder for food, furnishings, musical instruments and even a car!  
Our Mission Statement:
To share Christ's love while meeting physical needs and providing life-changing opportunities to the disadvantaged.

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