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Triune Mercy Center
January 2016                           
                                       A Pianist's Story                                                   
From the pastor: 

       If you have worshiped with us in the past two years, you know that we have an amazing classically trained pianist in Russ Long. What you may not know is that Russ overcame an addiction, as so many of our people have.
        WYFF-TV joined us last Sunday and aired this video:  

        As he rebuilds his life, Russ is available to perform concerts and give his testimony at churches.
      For a little background, he began playing simple melodies on his grandmother’s old upright piano when he was 4. While still in grade school, he was chosen to participate in the Advanced Program for Gifted Pianists, studying with Sylvia Rabinoff of the Juilliard School and Walter Hautzig of the Peabody Conservatory of Music.
       Winner of the 1980 Van Cliburn Piano Scholarship Competition, Russ attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.  After college, he embarked on a career as a solo concert artist throughout the United States and abroad. This became the motivation for his debut recording, Music of the Night, a compilation of classical and Broadway selections.
        He has performed with numerous symphony orchestras, including the Charleston Symphony, Florence Symphony, Elgin Symphony, Skokie Symphony and Northbrook Symphony.  He has also toured the Caribbean and South America as a headline entertainer aboard the Holland America Cruise Line. 
       Most recently, Russ worked as musical director for Teatro Zinanni, a theatrical production in San Francisco.  During this time, he also toured as musical director for Grammy Award winners Joan Baez and Thelma Houston. 
       Currently, Russ is recording his second CD, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, a compilation of his arrangements of sacred piano favorites.
      If your church would like to set up a concert, you may call Russ at 864-498-9558 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 
       May he bless those of you at our partner churches as greatly as he has blessed us at Triune.


December at Triune:
Worship and Bible studies (average attendance):
Sun AM.... 310                Sun PM...  78 

Meals and Assistance Programs:
Hot meals............................         1,331          
Grocery boxes........................        117 households
Pop-top groceries...................          58 individuals
Laundry loads.........................          72                    
Emergency clothes/blankets/kits..   63
Bikes ...................................               1
People placed in rehab............           3
Social worker consultations.... 114 including 28  participants in our Round Tables
                                                               to encourage self-help
Mental health consultations........ 57  
Vision screenings ...................    26                
Blood pressures taken.............   36    
Prescriptions filled ..................    12                
Volunteer hours....................  1,701    
Worship with us at Triune Chapel:

January 3, 11 AM --  New York operatic singer Myra Cordell will be our guest, and our own Judi Barefoot and a Triune trio will sing. Deb will preach on "A World Terribly Like Our Own." 
6 PM --  Rev. Susie Smith will speak on "Epiphany Stars." 

January 10, 11 AM --  Triune musicans and ensembles will lead worship, and Deb will preach on "Last Words."
6 PM --  Rev. Susie Smith will speak, and David Andes will give his testimony.  
January 17, 11 AM --  Voices of Mercy and various singers will lead worship, and Deb will preach.  
Deb and Karen will meet with newcomers and interested visitors afterward for lunch and conversation.
6 PM --  Playback Cafe is our theater format in which community actors play back stories of our homeless parishioners. Artist Fred Wood will share his work as part of this edition.   

January 24, 5 PM -- Our associate pastor, Rev. Karen Eller, will preach on "Joy of the Lord."  
6 PM -- Rev. Kathy Sharp will speak.

January 31, 11 AM --  Larry McNair and Friends will provide our music. Deb will preach.
6 PM --  Elaine Nocks will speak. 

 Sunday School - Each Sunday at 10 AM. Topic for the month is the book of Jonah. 
Wish List:
You have been wonderfully generous during the Christmas season, so we have very few needs just now. Both are for our music program and revamped music room:  

Electric guitar
Drum set
Recovery Meetings:

Monday         Noon           Narcotics Anonymous
Tuesday        Noon           Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
Wednesday   Noon            Narcotics Anonymous
                      8:00 PM       Alcoholics Anonymous
Thursday       Noon            Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
                      7:00 PM        Narcotics Anonymous
Friday            Noon            Narcotics Anonymous

Saturday      9:00 AM         Alcoholics Anonymous
                     7:00 PM        Narcotics Anonymous


Serving in January: 
Advent UMC                                             John Knox Presbyterian
Bethel Breakfast Ministry                         Joy in the Morning class/Brookwood Church 
Buncombe Street UMC                            JustFaith class/Triune 
Earle Street Baptist                                   Pelham Road Baptist
First Baptist of Mauldin                             Prince of Peace Catholic
First Presbyterian of Greer                       St. Matthew UMC
Grace Covenant Presbyterian                  Triune Mercy Center
Holland Park Church of Christ                  Valley Brook Outreach Baptist
Monetary Donations: 

We hardly know how to express our thanks for the outpouring of donations this season. Thank you from all of us at Triune for your generosity.

In memory of Al Isaac - Janet Isaac
In memory of Albert Egli - The New Helvetic Society, PA Chapter
In memory of Amanda Williams - Walter & Julia Muirhead
In memory of Bobby Nelson and Hewer Richardson -- Rick and Candace Richardson
In memory of Churchill Carter & Charlotte Pool - Rick & Martha Quinn
In memory of Ed Farmer - Patsy Farmer
In memory of Frank Durham - Jo & Don Carson
In memory of George & Annette Gault - Sophia Axson
In memory of Bill Phillips and Hewer Richardson - Mary Ann Phillips
In memory of Bruce Parsons -- Sheely Miller
In memory of Inell Hoover - Elaine H. Hiott, Lucille Huggins, Grace Hunter, Bob, Vickie & Blake Lofgren, Pam & Joe Scott, Sharon Starr, and Linda & Sid Tate
In memory of Jack Dill, Sr. - Patricia Dill
In memory of Jack Donegan - Steven & Phyllis Morgan
In memory of Lenard Calvert, Jr., Joyce Dalton, Linda Goldsmith, Susie Higgins, John Wilson, Jr., and Larry Wilson - Alvin & Sarah Drake
In memory of John Daniel McClain - Calvin McClain
In memory of Margaret Barrett - Chuck & Sandra Welch
In memory of Mike Byce - Karen & Edmund Ramsaur
In memory of my loved ones - Mary Lou Eury
In memory of Roy Everett ("Ebb") Queen - Carolyn Queen
In memory of Sara & Sam Clark - Frank & Susan Webb
In memory of Dr. Rev. T. Edward Giles and Ted Rodney Giles -- Lisanne Cisson
In memory of Taylor Cothran -- Teresa Cothran
In memory of Terri Parillo - Jack Parillo
In memory of Virginia Kendall - Larry & Shirley Kendall
In memory of William Rutledge,Sr. - Christopher Meyer, IV
In memory of Lucy Garrett Beckham - Karin Freeman

In honor of David Gay's work -- Anonymous 
In honor of Rosalind & Jerry Richardson - Mary Ann RIchardson
In honor of Greg & Jan Childs, Joanna Donegan, Betty Escoe, Michael & Sherrie Escoe - Steven & Phyllis Morgan
In honor of Phyllis Morgan -- Steven Morgan
In honor of Ann Devlin - John Devlin
In honor of Kyle & Susan Matthews, Ann Quattlebaum, and Ruth Reid - John & Jeanette Cothran
In honor of Bill & Pat Dillard - Bill & Patricia Dillard and Thomas Dillard
In honor of Betty Erbe, David & Debbie Rutan, and Cathy Strauss - Patricia Dillow
In honor of Jeane Begg, Karen Schweizer-Nagle, and Barry & Elaine Nocks - Dr. Ann Quattlebaum
In honor of Bill Bates and Barry McElreath - Glenn and John Helmers Family Fund
In honor of Ben & Millie Leaphart and Bob & Haley Nations - Suzanne & Charlie Pyle
In honor of Bruce Brown - Lynne Shackleford
In honor of Cecelia Hamilton - Cile Cely
In honor of Celeste Price - Chip Price
In honor of Will Burnette and Chris O'Neal - Denton Burnette
In honor of Mr. & Mrs. David Hudson, Mr. & Mrs.Lipscomb, Mr. & Mrs. Phillip McAbee, Claire Mundy, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Reeves, Mr. & Mrs. Bryson Thomason, and Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Thomason - Denton & Donna Burnette
In honor of Cris & Gareth Crain - Steve & Dorothy Dowe
In honor of Cynthia Hassell and Teresa & Robert Wiegert - Hans & Elaine Wiegert
In honor of Dana C. Mitchell - Jennifer Keeler
In honor of my daughters & nieces - Cynthia Henderson
In honor of David & Holli Hargett - Bill & Betty Milner
In honor of Deb Richardson-Moore - Paul Goldsmith
In honor of DeDe Heard - Cindy & Charlie Kay
In honor of Diane Eldridge - Pat & Bill Traxler
In honor of Diane Smock -- Mimi Wyche
In honor of Doris Clanton - Terry Walters
In honor of Dr. & Mrs. Gene Bramlett, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Giles, Rev. & Mrs. David Hilton, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond James, and Mr. & Mrs. Earle B. Williams - Ted & Joan Littlepage
In honor of Dr. & Mrs. Keith Lehman, Rusty & Joy Rohrbaugh, John & Nancy Robson, and Edd Sheriff - Brian and Lamar Lehman
In honor of Ed Holliday and Stephen Foster - Suzy Dover
In honor of Faculty and Staff of Enoree Career Center - Sarah McCraw
In honor of Fidelis Alpha Chapter Sisters of Alpha Delta Kappa - Mrs. C.H. Ingram
In honor of George & Cecile Irwin - Jane & Kevin Lynch
In honor of Gerber Childrenswear Finance Department - Kay Jewell
In honor of Hazel Christian - Joseph & Connie Austin
In honor of her grandchildren - Marjorie Powell
In honor of Jenna, Amy & Marie - Nancy McKittrick
In honor of Jenny Clanton Bright - Doris Clanton
In honor of Jim & Cydelle Guth - Karen Guth
In honor of Jim & Donna Rogers and Gay & JB Watts - Wally & Dorene Fridy
In honor of Jim League - Chris League and family
In honor of JoAnn & Earl Whitaker - Justin A. Johnson
In honor of John & Jeanette Cothran - Scott Cothran
In honor of John R. Johnson, III - Ginny Johnson
In honor of June & Cooper White - Sharon Byrd, Sally & Tom Stewart, and Susie & Danny Wald
In honor of K.C. Carter - Les & Bobbie Pritchard
In honor of Michael Cook - Paulette Bolding
In honor of Mike & Joan Kellett - Bill & Lydia Kellett
In honor of Mitchell & Sharon Byrd - June & Cooper White
In honor of Mr. & Mrs. Rob Traywick - Ralph & Lucy McBride
In honor of Mr. M.J. Costa - Glenda & Mike Costa
In honor of Mrs. Billie Clark, Mrs. Clarrkuzman, and Mrs. Nouna Lee - Ruth Reid
In honor of my family & friends - Wendy Kellett
In honor of Nicki Dillon - Pam & Ed Snape
In honor of our children & grandchildren - James W. Hastings
In honor of our family - Gale & Nancy Roush
In honor of Triune staff - Sallie Eskew, Nancy Ledford, Patsy Lunsford, Thomas Nowlin, and Margaret Utley
In honor of Toni Masters - Marty Vaughan
In honor of Wanda & Buck Fulp - Edd Sheriff
In honor of the Wednesday Prayer Group - Jennifer Wall 
In honor of Tom Bruce - David & Lib Burlington
In honor of their children & youth - Laurens Road UMC
In honor of the Atkinson family and the Price family - Bruce Price Reynolds
In honor of Tammy Boone - Louisa Koken
In honor of Bill & Pat Traxler - Diane & Charles Eldridge
In honor of Pat Dillow - Bette Erbe
In honor of Pat Kessler - Lib and Carroll Caldwell
In honor of Perry & Joan White - Ruth Ann & David Webster
In honor of Rev. Grover Putnam - John & Elizabeth Dullea
In honor of Robbin Nuckolls - Ann Nuckolls
In honor of Roger & Louise Ables - Rudy & Sonya Ables
In honor of Ruth Reid - Bruce Campbell
In honor of Sallie Eskew - Danielle Jinks
In honor of Sara M. Ostendorff - James P. Rickman
In honor of Scott Thompson - Trish Thompson
In honor of Stan & Tricia Reid - Lisa C. Johnson
In honor of Steve Doughty & Jean Fontaine - Anthony Doughty and Bill & Dee Doughty
In honor of Susan McLeod - Thayer Fleming
In honor of Mary Ann Callcott, Susan & Raoul Glenn, Ann Grayson, and Kathy Roberson - Ann Lee
In honor of Mary Lee Bentzel - Bob & Nickie Dillon
In honor of Kathy Beaty - Tiby Weinstein
In honor of Mr. & Mrs. John Hart, Mr. & Mrs. J.T. Hane, Mr. & Mrs. Bob Coble, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hart, Mr. & Mrs. W. P. Williamson, Mr. & Mrs. P.C. Okey,  Mr. & Mrs. Steven Grant, Mr. & Mrs. E.O. Pendarvis, Mr. & Mrs. Gaston Fairey, Belle Fender, Thayer Fleming, Marian & Brian Dameier, Claire & John Perrill, Audrey & David Gay, Ken Christy, Brad Wyche & Diane Smock, Sally Skardon, Maria Mersman, Margaret Williams, Susan Stall, Margaret Green, Mark Lindahl, Nancy Thomas, Adair McLeod, Daniel McLeod, Brianna Green, and Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Reynolds - Susan & Dan McLeod
In honor of Manuel Torres & Gabriela Rueda, Jeanette Cothran, Hazel Harris, Kathy Hughes, Brenda League, Karen Childers, Sydney Surles, JoAnne Smith, Bo Campbell, and Theresa Gray - Jane Ella Matthews
In honor of Margaret Utley - Susan M. Utley
Carole Abumoussa
Robert Adams
Advent UMC
Janet Aguilar
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Scott & Melissa Anderson
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Russell & Ruth Ashmore
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Plus, thanks to all our faithful worshipers! 

And thanks to: Abiding Peace Lutheran Church, Augusta Heights Baptist Church, Cathi Avery, Jackie Ballard, Brookwood Church, Roger Brown, Kelly Byers, Brooks Carter, Russell Chatelaine, Christmas Eve Morning Runners, Pam Clark, Darrell Corder, Della Day, Edwards Road Sunday School Class, Elizabeth Meader SS Class - Mauldin First Baptist Church, Flat Rock Baptist Church, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Girl Scout Troop #605, Greenville School System, MacKenzie Hendley, Hollis Academy, Holmes Bible College, Rahsaan Louris,Tracey Lukker, Mast General Store, Barbara Mauney, Bobby & Libba McKinney, Kevin Mitchell, Steve Morgan, Omar Naji, OLLIE Program - Furman University, Mimi Parks, Cam Porter, Tim Regan, Dr. Shash Rishi, St. Giles Presbyterian Church, Amy Sinclair, Everett & Judy Thomas, Adair Turner, Upstate Pathfinders, Vedic Center, John Wilkins, and Andrea Williams for food, furnishings, musical instruments and other gifts in kind.  
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To share Christ's love while meeting physical needs and providing life-changing opportunities to the disadvantaged.
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