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Triune Mercy Center
April 2016                           
                                       Earth Day, No. 46                
Join us for our community-wide Earth Week worship service at 6 PM April 17.   
From the pastor: 

     I remember mentioning Earth Day at a church in the 1980s -- and being accused of Earth worship.
    As years have passed, Earth Day has gone more mainstream. Even the most conservative Christians recognize the care of creation as a practical concern. For others of us, it is a spiritual matter -- in that God entrusted us with the care of His world. 
     Toward that end, Triune will host "Creating a Culture of Care for the Earth, Our Common Home," a community-wide worship service at 6 PM April 17 in our sanctuary.  
         Come worship with us and hear representatives of Upstate Forever, Mill Community Ministries, the Upstate Chapter of Black Lives Matter, and the David E. Shi Center for Sustainability at Furman University.  These groups are demonstrating that we not only must but can make a difference in the life of our fragile planet.  
        Come worship with us as we face the reality of a way of life that leads us to believe competition and greed are stronger than cooperation and sharing.  
         Come and hear guest musician Marlo “Radiant” Hogue, songwriter and performer.
         Come and share food, ideas, questions, possibilities and dreams immediately after the service as we approach the 46th marking of Earth Day.
 Deb and service coordinator Susie Smith
Did you get an opportunity to drive by and see our Easter cross last weekend?

March at Triune:
Worship and Bible studies (average attendance):
Sun AM.... 298             Sun PM... 35   

Meals and Assistance Programs:
Hot meals............................      1,198  
Grocery boxes........................     111 households
Pop-top groceries...................       78  individuals
Laundry loads.........................       69                             
Emergency clothes/blankets/kits..65  
Bikes ...................................            2     
Fans .....................................           2
People placed in rehab............        8
Social worker consultations...... . 135                                                        
Mental health consultations.......     34       
Blood pressures taken.............      55
Vision screenings .....................     16 
Prescriptions filled .................        27            
Volunteer hours....................     1,536

Worship with us at Triune Chapel:

April 3, 11 AM -- Judi Barefoot and David Raulston will lead our music, and Deb will preach on "Meeting Jesus." We will celebrate communion.   
6 PM --  Triune parishioner Randy Phillips will speak, and the SonRise Praise Band will play.   

April 10, 11 AM --  We'll have a mix of soloists and ensembles, and Deb will preach on "Balcony People." 
6 PM -- Playback Cafe, our improvisational theater event, will be our evening worship.   
April 17, 11 AM --  Deb will preach.  
6 PM -- Rev. Susie Smith will lead a community-wide Earth Week service, Creating a Culture of Care for the Earth, Our Common Home. A discussion will follow.  

April 24,  11 AM -  Deb will preach. 
6 PM -- Our seminary intern, Marydell Atkins, will speak.  

Sunday School - Each Sunday at 10 AM. This month: The Circle Maker: Praying Circles around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears. Cheri Shumate, Elaine Nocks, Marydell Atkins and Karen Eller are teaching. 
Wish List:
  Two 4-drawer file cabinets, 15 inches wide and 26.5 inches deep
  Postage stamps
  Travel-size deodorant
  Travel-size shampoo and conditioner
  Travel-size toothpaste
  Underwear, men's and women's, all sizes

      We are also in need of a bass player who can read music to help with our 11 AM worship service. If you are interested, contact Andy Welchel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Recovery Meetings:

Monday         Noon           Narcotics Anonymous
Tuesday        Noon           Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
Wednesday   Noon            Narcotics Anonymous
                      8:00 PM       Alcoholics Anonymous
Thursday       Noon            Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
                      7:00 PM        Narcotics Anonymous
Friday            Noon            Narcotics Anonymous

Saturday      9:00 AM         Alcoholics Anonymous
                     7:00 PM        Narcotics Anonymous


Serving in April: 
Bethel Breakfast Ministry                  Fourth Presbyterian
Boy Scout Troop 9                            Grace Covenant Presbyterian                             Buncombe Street UMC                     Mauldin UMC
Earle Street Baptist                           Mona Lisa Klugh and Friends
Edwards Road Baptist                     Pelham Road Baptist
First Baptist of Mauldin                     Prince of Peace Catholic
                       Valley Brook Outreach Baptist
Monetary Donations: 

In memory of Flora Chamblee, DC Fulmer, Mikki Owens, Pat Perry, and Lib Singleton  - Alvin & Sarah Drake
In memory of Deontea Mackey - Julie Accetta
In memory of Joyce Neubauer - Sandra Thomason
In memory of Delia Stanton - Sallie Eskew

In honor of David Gay & Triune's drug recovery program - Denton Burnette
In honor of Sherrie Whittington - Linda Allgood

Aldersgate UMC
Russell Baxley
Robin Scott Blackburn
Johnsye Boling
Thomas & Julie Buchanan
Angela & Randall Corn
Lou Ellen Davis
Pauline Engle
Susan Fender
Chadmichael Ferber
First Presbyterian Church - Greer
Thayer Fleming
Paul & Jennifer Gasque
Gleaners Class - Covenant UMC
Bonita Gossett
Angela Grell
James E. Griffeth
Robert & Ann Haney
Robert A. Haney
Mike & Trish Harrison
Laura Hathaway
Margaret Heatherly
Betty Herrin
Brian Hersey
John Knox Presbyterian Church
Judith Johnson
Katherine Johnson
Wade S. Kolb, III
Sherry Lawson
Jim & Susan Lollis
Jake & Lauren Lunsford
Thomas & Doreen Magaha
Basil Manly, IV
Mauldin UMC
Alvin McCall
Don & Cheryl McMahan
Bruce & Nelle McPherson
Steve Merritt
Cecile Michon & Jerry Lloyd
Kevin Mitchell
Ken Moody
Leah O'Neal
Stanley Powell
Jacqueline Rudder
Donna Rycroft
Mr. & Mrs. Wen Schneider
Bernard & Cynthia Showman
Russell & Susan Stall
Kirk Stotzer
Rita Szeto
The Elbert W. Rogers Foundation
Mitzi Vanderschaaf
Hans Wiegert
Randy & Susan Willingham
Jane & Michael Wilson
Janet Winn

Plus, thanks to all our faithful worshipers! 

And thanks to: Anonymous, Beta Club - Greenville Tech Charter High School, George Byrd, Toby Constance, Drop-In Store, Vanessa Festerguard, Tiffany Hinson, Martha Jones, Ladies of Harley, Nancye & Spencer Rush, SC Telco, Paul Swenson, Trinity Lutheran Church, and The Vedic Center of Greenville for food, furnishings, new renters' kits and other in-kind donations.   
Our Mission Statement:
To share Christ's love while meeting physical needs and providing life-changing opportunities to the disadvantaged.

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