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Triune Mercy Center
September 2016
                                       A Season of Change                                             
From the pastor: 

         For years, our rehab counselor David Gay has worked through the Greenville County Detention Center to steer addicts into treatment rather than prison when warranted. While there, he met Beth Messick, who was doing much the same work with women arrested for prostitution. He so admired her efforts that we recently hired her to join our Triune team.
        In August Beth received a call from the GCDC about an 18-year-old victim. The young woman had been enticed by a man she met in Tennessee to come to Greenville to meet his family. 
        Unbeknown to her, she had been “sold” to this man by an alleged friend before they left Tennessee. She arrived in Greenville and realized she was to be sold online for sex. She ran away and called police – and was subsequently arrested for a drug possession.
        When Beth visited her, she learned that the teen had lived in 27 foster homes and had been physically and sexually abused in several. As a result of the trauma, she was previously the victim of a trafficker who took her from Tennessee to Wisconsin. That trafficker is now serving a 10-year prison sentence.
           The young victim was fearful that the Greenville trafficker would find her once she got out of jail. She had no place to go, no money and no way to get back to Tennessee. Through case management inside the jail and Beth’s intervention, we were able to facilitate a phone interview for her to be accepted into a restoration home in Alabama.
         After 21 days in jail, she was released. We provided a bus ticket to Tennessee so she could reunite with some family members until her bed in Alabama becomes available. Beth continues to monitor her and will continue until she goes into the restoration home.
        This is new ground for us at Triune, and we are grateful that Beth is showing us the way. Simultaneously, we are working with Christ Episcopal Church to create a restoration house in Greenville for women who find themselves in similar circumstances.
      Besides the addition of Beth, lots more changes are happening at Triune. Our longtime volunteer and board member Cheri Shumate has become director of Support Circles and other community-based projects.
        And our beloved associate pastor, Karen Eller, is moving to Louisville, Ky., because of her husband's job transfer. We are in the search process for a new associate.
          Please be in prayer for us during this time of transition. If you know of someone who would be interested in our non-denominational ministry alongside both homeless and housed, rich and poor, black and white, mentally healthy and mentally challenged, have him or her contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  .
      You are also invited to join us to say goodbye to Karen at an informal reception in our dining hall at noon on Sunday, Oct. 9.  
                                                            * * * * * * * *

           It's time for our next class of Faith & Finances, a series of 12 sessions on financial literacy for low-income or financially vulnerable adults. If you are struggling with your finances, and seek to overcome financial obstacles, get free from debt and save for the future, please join us on Monday nights beginning Sept. 26 from 5:30 - 7:30 PM in our dining hall. You may also volunteer as a support team member to walk alongside our participants, encourage and assist them as needed.
         For more information, contact our Accountant, Diane Croxton, at 864-233-8020 ext 120 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

                                                              * * * * * * * * * 

        We are frequently asked when our next art auction will be. It's coming up 7-10 PM on Oct. 20 at a new venue, The Upper Room, 20 N. Main St.
         Once again those fabulous ladies of the Upstate Woman's Club are sponsoring "Peace of Triune" that will feature Triune artists as well as local professionals in silent and live auction formats. The event will be catered by Peter Collins, chef at Chef 360. 
        For more information, contact Carey Hudson at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   .

The art work at left is by Christy Lynn Peeks Fowler, and at right, by Russ Reed.

August at Triune:
Worship and Bible studies (average attendance):
Sun AM.... 265           Sun PM... 23 

Meals and Assistance Programs:
Hot meals............................  1,435             
Grocery boxes........................  144  households
Pop-top groceries...................  102  individuals
Laundry loads.........................    94                                            
Emergency clothes/blankets/kits..103.         
Bikes .............................................. 1     
Fans ..............................................  0                                 
People placed in rehab or safe housing from sexual exploitation ... 9      
Job placements........................  6  
Social worker consultations....  182, including 36 Round Table participants                             
Mental health consultations .....  21
Blood pressures taken.............  44       
Vision screenings ..................... 18        
Prescriptions filled .....................42                    
Volunteer hours.....................1,691

Worship with us at Triune Chapel:

September 4, 11 AM -- Elaine Nocks will preach on "God's Do-Overs." David Raulston and Justin Garrison will sing. 
6 PM --  Rev. Susie Smith will preach.

September 11, 11 AM --  The Gospel According to St. Mark Singers will join us from St. Mark UMC in Seneca, and Deb will preach on "A History of Violence."
6 PM -- Seminary student Ryan Coker will preach. 
September 18, 11 AM -- Lila Smith will sing, and Deb will preach on "The Post-It Note Epistle." 
6 PM -- Playback Cafe will present "Oh, Snap! A Play about Poverty and Perceptions."     
September 25, 11 AM -  The Voices of Mercy will lead worship, and Deb will preach. 
6 PM -- Elaine Nocks will preach.  

Sunday School - Each Sunday at 10 AM.
Bible Study at 4 PM Sunday and 7 PM Thursday. 
Wish List:
Art canvasses
Men's underwear, size medium
Women's underwear, sizes small and medium
Pasta and spaghetti sauce
Canned fruit
Canned meat
Vienna sausage 
Recovery Meetings:

Monday         Noon           Narcotics Anonymous
Tuesday        Noon           Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
Wednesday   Noon           Narcotics Anonymous
                      8:00 PM      Alcoholics Anonymous
Thursday       Noon           Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
                      7:00 PM      Narcotics Anonymous
Friday            Noon           Narcotics Anonymous

                      6:30 PM       Pornography Addicts Anonymous
Saturday       9:00 AM       Alcoholics Anonymous   
                      7:00 PM      Narcotics Anonymous


Serving in September: 

Bethel Breakfast Ministry         Grace Covenant Presbyterian
Bethlehem Baptist                    Holland Park Church of Christ
Buncombe Street UMC            Klugh Family
Earle Street Baptist                  Pelham Road Baptist
First Baptist Mauldin                 Prince of Peace Catholic
First Presbyterian Greer           St. Giles Presbyterian
Frances Hill/Paula Finnie         Valley Brook Outreach Baptist 
Monetary Donations: 

In memory of Boyce Clardy and Alvin McCall - Paul & Joy Carter
In memory of Anne Hembree - Jan W. Stenhouse
In memory of Alvin McCall - Guido Capri, James & Cindy Clanton, Rick & Ingrid Erwin, L. Gray Geddie, Jr.,Mrs. Keeter Horton, The Melehes, Andrew Smith, Dennis & Terhune Sudderth, Dan H. Thompson, Nancy McCall Thompson, Joseph Andrew McCall, Hazel McCall, and Alyx McCall Thompson, Sandra Trammell, and Doyle & Honey Yates
In memory of Wanda & Alvin McCall - Carol Monroe & family
In memory of John Parfitt - Kelly Byers and Christine & Joseph Tromiczak 
In memory of Ruth Pearson and Judy Gregg - Teresa Wiegert

In honor of Steve & Cathi Karelitz' wedding - Richard & Peggy Karelitz
In honor of Vicar Megan Lineberger - Jeanne Blinkoff

Robert & Joan Adams
Advent UMC
Aldersgate UMC
Drew Barker
Terrie Barker
Joyce Barton
Johnsye Boling
Miranda Brakefield
Thomas & Julie Buchanan
Charles & Robin Conklin
Sarah Craig
Alan & Charlene Dean
Alvin & Sarah Drake
John & Martha Duggan
Susan Fender
Chadmichael Ferber
First Presbyterian Church - Greer
Thayer Fleming
Jim Freeman
Furman University
Paul & Jennifer Gasque
Gleaners SS Class - Covenant UMC
Bonita Gossett
Angela Grell
James E. Griffeth
David & Rebecca Grissell
Rob Haney
Robert & Ann Haney
Mike & Trish Harrison
Margaret Heatherly
Betty Herrin
Gerald Huskamp
Neil Jamerson
Katherine Johnson
Jim & Susan Lollis
Jake & Lauren Lunsford
Richard Maris
Cheryl & Don McMahan
Cecile Michon & Jerry Lloyd
Ken Moody
Alexander Nevels
Ben Reed
Phillip S. Roe
Jacqueline Rudder
Donna Rycroft
St. Giles Presbyterian Church
St. James Episcopal Church
Bernard & Cynthia Showman
SImpsonville UMC
Kirk Stotzer
David Sutherland
Rita Szeto
Travelers Rest United Methodist Women
Pamela Whitmire
Hans Wiegert
Susan Willingham
Jane & Michael Wilson

Plus, thanks to all our faithful worshipers! 

And thanks to: Customs & Border Protection, Linda & Fred Farrell, Chris Stone, UPS Freight Forwarding, and Bob & Regina York for bikes, food, toiletries, gift cards, and other non-cash donations. 
Our Mission Statement:
To share Christ's love while meeting physical needs and providing life-changing opportunities to the disadvantaged.

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