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Triune Mercy Center
January 2017

                                    A New Partner                        

From the pastor:

         Triune would close tomorrow if it weren't for our volunteers, supporters and partners.
        I say that quite often because it's true. The work that you allow us to do, the difference we are able to make in people's lives, lies solely with those of you who cook and serve meals, welcome people to our Wednesday food pantry, answer our phones, give legal advice, and provide the donations that pay our social workers, rehab workers and mental health counselor. 
         In addition, we depend on our partners in the homeless services realm: Without Miracle Hill, Salvation Army, Greenville Mental Health, United Ministries, GHS and Bon Secours St. Francis, much of our ability to help parishioners would be blocked.
          Yet, one continuing hurdle has been in helping the former felon, the released prisoner, who cannot find a job or housing because of his or her history. So many of our street population fall into that category, and our social workers run into wall after wall in helping them. Not surprisingly, they often return to jail or prison.
       That's why I'm so excited to introduce another potential partner to the Greenville community: Jump Start.
       Jump Start, headquartered in Spartanburg, attempts nothing less than breaking the back of recidivism. Currently, the ministry has discipleship classes in 15 different South Carolina prisons, and 16 transitional homes in Spartanburg County. In eight years of operation, it reports that out of 2,068 men and women who successfully completed the program and were released, only 66 returned to prison. This puts Jump Start’s recidivism rate below 4%, an incredible feat.   
       The Jump Start staff member who met with us is the grandson of a beloved former Triune member. I met him after he was released from prison and was making his way through North Greenville University, his goal for Christian ministry never wavering.
       He and the Jump Start team want to move into Greenville now -- which means they are seeking volunteer mentors from local churches, employers for the released prisoners, and transitional houses. If you think this is important work -- as we certainly do -- please come to an informational meeting in the Triune sanctuary at 6 PM March 16. You'll hear more about Jump Start and how we can come alongside this ministry to restore broken lives.
         Here's a video that may be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gC992NLoNVs
         We hope to see you in March.

                                                             * * * * * * * *

       Of course, we have some things starting this month, too -- namely two classes that are open to Triune parishioners and partners alike. 
       Our mental health counselor, Hal Stewart, and our Triune Circles director, Cheri Shumate, will facilitate a program on coping with stress.  Discussion will focus on the impact of stress on the body, mind and spirit.  Additionally, participants will be provided easy, in-the-moment activities to lower stress levels that impact quality of life. 
       The program consists of four 90-minute classes  each Wednesday from 6:00 - 7:30 PM, January 18 -- February 8.

      Cheri will facilitate another course, "Discovering the Hidden Rules of Work," that focuses on the interpersonal/social skills needed to be successful in the workplace.  Research shows that poor interpersonal skills are the #1 reason why people do not get along, do not get promoted or lose their jobs. 
     The four sessions of "Discovering the Hidden Rules of Work" will be offered on Sundays 2:30 - 3:30 PM and Wednesdays 10:30 - 11:30 AM, beginning the week of January 15th. 

          Both programs are free. To enroll, contact Cheri at 233-8020 x 150 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


December at Triune:
Worship and Bible studies (average attendance):
Sun AM.... 336                             Sun PM... 49

Meals and Assistance Programs:
Hot meals............................  1,352   
Grocery boxes........................126 households
Pop-top groceries...................   78 individuals
Laundry loads........................... 54                                              
Emergency clothes/blankets/kits..105
People placed in rehab.................        11  
Safe housing from sexual exploitation ..2    
People placed in housing.......................3
Social worker consultations................195 including 25 Round Table participants                       
Mental health consultations ...... 18
Blood pressures......................... 31
Vision screenings ......................   1     
Prescriptions filled ..................... 18                 
Volunteer hours.......................1,026 

Worship with us at Triune Chapel:

January 8, 11 AM --  We will celebrate Epiphany Sunday with our own Peter, Paul and Mary (Andy Welchel, Carla Rose and Zac Bolton) singing "Light One Candle." Tim Tumer will join Andy on a Ricky Skaggs song, and the Voices of Mercy will sing. Deb will preach on "This Refugee We Follow."
6 PM --  Elaine Nocks will speak.
January 15, 11 AM -- Voices of Mercy will sing and Deb will preach.
6 PM --  Playback Cafe.   

January 22, 11 AM -- Voices of Mercy will sing and Deb will preach.
6 PM -- Rev. Kathy Sharp will speak. 

January 29, 11 AM -- Voices of Mercy will sing and Deb will preach.
6 PM --  Rev. Jerry Hill will speak. 

Sunday School - Each Sunday at 10 AM.
Bible Study at 4 PM Sunday. 
Wish List:
Though we received a lot of grocery donations during the holidays, we are still low on some basics. See our list below.

Peanut butter
Pasta sauce
Canned meats

College-ruled composition notebooks
Women's bikini underwear - all sizes
Checkers game
Chess set
Recovery Meetings:

Monday         Noon           Narcotics Anonymous
Tuesday        Noon           Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
Wednesday   Noon           Narcotics Anonymous
                      8:00 PM      Alcoholics Anonymous
Thursday       Noon           Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
                      7:00 PM      Narcotics Anonymous
Friday            Noon           Narcotics Anonymous

                      6:30 PM       Pornography Addicts Anonymous
Saturday       9:00 AM       Alcoholics Anonymous   
                      7:00 PM      Narcotics Anonymous


Serving in February: 

Advent UMC                                        Holland Park Church of Christ
Bethel Breakfast Ministry                    John Knox Presbyterian 
Buncombe Street UMC                       Pelham Road Baptist
Earle Street Baptist                             Prince of Peace Catholic
First Baptist of Mauldin                       Triune Mercy Center
Fourth Presbyterian                            Valley Brook Outreach Baptist
Grace Dovenant Presbyterian
Monetary Donations:

We scarcely know how to thank all of you for your generous donations this Christmas season. Your faith in us is humbling. Just know that we pledge to honor God as we serve our neighbors with your gifts.  Many, many thanks.
In memory of Charles Ballew, Barry Bankes, Ruth Davis Blackston, Buddy Chandler, Robert M. Nelson, and Bundy L. Stames  - Alvin & Sarah Drake
In memory of Al Isaac - Janet Isaac
In memory of Alvin McCall - Nancy & Jim Hunter
In memory of Anna McDaniel and Kristin Schroeder - Cecile Michon & Jerry Lloyd
In memory of Anne Hembree - Jan Stenhouse
In memory of Arline H. Wood - Roger Wood
In memory of Ava F. McBee - Hamlin Withington
In memory of Barbara & Bobby Nelson and Hewer Richardson - Rick & Candace Richardson
In memory of Bill Phillips and Hewer Richardson - Mary Ann Phillips
In memory of Charles Conrad and Jackie Brewer - Elisabeth Egli
In memory of Ed Farmer - Patsy Farmer
In memory of Elizabeth Oswald - Thomas Oswald
In memory of Jean & Jimmy Cordell - Myra Cordell Bagnoli
In memory of Jim & Betty McKittrick - Nancy McKittrick
In memory of John Parfitt - Scott & Ann Withrow
In memory of Katherine Prichet Smith - The Smith Family
In memory of Lee Cadwallader - Carol Cadwallader
In memory of Margaret Barrett - Chuck & Sandra Welch
In memory of Mary Ann Kehe - Roland Kehe
In memory of Michael Williamson - William & Kelley Belcher
In memory of Norman Berardinelli - Sandra Berardinelli
In memory of Rachel Cheek - William Cheek
In memory of Velma Clark - Dorothy Clark
In memory of Walter Ramage - Lib & Carroll Caldwell
In memory of Tyrone Townes - Isaac Kullman
In memory of Perry White and Amanda Williams - Walter & Julia Muirhead
In memory of Tim Bright, Dr. Donald Clanton, and Zade & Marian Resh - James & Cindy Clanton
In memory of Wanda & Alvin McCall - Jeff & Holly McCall
In memory of Julain Odom - James L. Cauble
In memory of Perry White - Ben Barnhill, Gloria Cannon, David Black, Gail & Michael Buffaloe, Buncombe Street UMC, Lawrence & Susan Brown, Lee & Jeffrey Hatling, Sheldon Herring, Heidi Hoffecker, John & Dorn Jordan, Lanford's Pointe Homeowners Association, Melinda Leitzel, Han & Jane Lukker, Jennifer McDavid, Becky Neely, and David & Ruth Ann Webster.

In honor of Rosalind & Jerry Richardson - Mary Ann Phillips
In honor of my children & grandchildren - Roland Kehe
In honor of Adventurers SS Class - First Presbyterian Church - Barbara Franklin
In honor of Ann Quattlebaum, Ruth Reid, and Kyle & Susan Matthews - John & Jeanette Cothran
In honor of Bay Laurel Center for Psychotherapy, Philip & Kristie Jones, and Tom & Dian Jones - Jill Jones
In honor of Benjamin & Martha Team, Jeff & Judy Koysza, Rogers Littlejohn, Ann Ballenger, Wanda & Jon Kojsza, Jan Montgomery, and Derek Eshbaugh - Archie & Carol Black
In honor of Bill & Pat Dillard - Thomas Dillard
In honor of Carol & Richard Stevenson, The Silos Family, Dee & Steve Shrivers, and Joann & Ed Reed - Anne & Paula Cargill
In honor of Carolyn & Rufus Genobles - Elaine Wiegert
In honor of Celeste R. Price - Chip Price
In honor of Celeste R. Price and the late Judge J.H. Price, Jr. - Bruce Price Reynolds
In honor of Chip Price & Celeste Price - Esther & Jason Weathers
In honor of the Price family - Celeste R. Price
In honor of Circles Supporters - Mary Lang O. Edwards
In honor of Cris & Gareth Crain - Dorothy & Steve Dowe
In honor of Darrell & Sandra Corder and Nancy Gaines - Jim & Joan Cauble 
In honor of Deb Richardson-Moore - Janet & Gary Boley, Paul Goldsmith, Wendy & Paul Kellett, and Jim & Kathy Stewart
In honor of Deb Richardson-Moore and Triune staff - Dee Wardle
In honor of Triune staff & volunteers - Darrell & Sandra Corder, Eva McLeod, and Margaret Utley
In honor of Diane Croxton - Karen & Paul Coombs
In honor of Dr. & Mrs. T.A. DeVenny - Doris Clanton
In honor of Dr. Stephen Clyborne and Dr. Chuck Emory - Charlotte Lynch
In honor of Duncan McArthur and Mary Gorman McArthur - Mary Jane Gorman
In honor of Ed Sherriff, Dr. & Mrs. Keith Lehman, Mr. & Mrs. John Robson, and Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Rohrbaugh - Dr. & Mrs. Lamar Lehman
In honor of Elaine Vance & John Myers - Vonnie & Steve Vance
In honor of Elizabeth Dumont, Katherine Dumont, and Peter & Shareece Dumont - Richard & Nancy Dumont
In honor of Fidelis Alpha Chapter of ADK - Mrs. Charles Ingram
In honor of Genie & Reid Sherard - Pat & Bill Traxler
In honor of George & Cecile Irwin - Jane & Kevin Lynch
In honor of Hazel Christian - Connie & Joseph Austin
In honor of Holly Traywick - Ralph McBride
In honor of Hunter & Martin Fridy - Dorene & Wally Fridy
In honor of Jan Campbell - Deborah Circle - Mauldin UMC
In honor of Jason Elliott - John & Jean Elliott
In honor of Carole & John Austin, Jeane Begg, Mary & Ken Bolt, and John & Jeanette Cothran - Dr. Ann Quattlebaum
In honor of Jim League - Annie Schell
In honor of John Cothran - Scott B. Cothran
In honor of John James - Adrian Craven
In honor of Joseph Campbell - Naomi Campbell
In honor of Joye & Jim Wells - John H. Helmers
In honor of June & Cooper White - Susie & Danny Wald
In honor of Kate Freeland - Thomas Freeland
In honor of Lamar & Brian Lehman, Keith & Kellie Lehman, and Johnny & Nancy Robson - Rusty & Joy Rohrbaugh
In honor of Linda Schinck - Bill & Trish Thompson
In honor of Mr & Mrs David Hargett - Bill & Betty Milner
In honor of Mr & Mrs Douglas Broadway, Mrs Mary Foster, and Mr & Mrs Stephen Lentchner - Frances Ridgill
In honor of Mr & Mrs Phillip McAbee, Mr & Mrs David Hudson, Mr & Mrs Tom Reeves, Mr & Mrs Bryson Thomason, Jim & Shan Lipscomb, Mr & Mrs Tommy Thomason, and Claire Mundy - The Burnette Family
In honor of Mr & Mrs Yoau Zilber, Mr & Mrs Jay Hastings, and Mr & Mrs Joe Gangaram - Jim & Kathy Hastings
In honor of Mac Vinson - Becky Vinson
In honor of Mary Ann Calcott, Ann Grayson, Kathryn Roberson, and Susan & Raoul Glenn - Ann Lee
In honor of Mike & Joan Kellett - Lydia & Bill Kellett
In honor of Morgan Fayssoux - Jean Sanderson
In honor of Mr & Mrs Ray Gehrke - Pam & Harry Shucker
In honor of my friends & family - Perry R. Gilreath
In honor of my Symphony sisters - Marianne Bolton
In honor of Nikki Day - Glenda Bailey
In honor of our family - Nancy & Gale Roush
In honor of Pat & Diana Dewing and Jan & Linda Ward - Ruth Reid
In honor of Pat Dillow - Betty Erbe
In honor of Pat Traxler - Diane Eldridge
In honor of Polly & Mike Hembree, Doris & Rudy Jones, and Terry Posey - Tom Layton
In honor of Richard & Elizabeth DuBose - Michael Williamson
In honor of Robbin Nuckolls - Ann Nuckolls
In honor of Robert & Anita Edwards - Didii Edwards
In honor of Bob & Sharon Howell - Tanya Harper, Jeffrey D. Harper, and Kelly & Pete Robinson
In honor of Robert & Teresa Wiegert - Hans & Elaine Wiegert
In honor of Robert McCall - Rhett & Sarah McCraw
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In honor of Scott & Ann Withrow - Ken & LaVerne Davis
In honor of Sean Collum - Timothy Ellis, Scott Johnson, and Brent Rollins
In honor of Skip Costa - Mike & Glenda Costa
In honor of Steve Doughty & Jean Fontaine - Anthony Doughty, Dee & Bill Doughty, and Don Fontaine
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In honor of Dr & Dr Wendell & Chesna James - Thelma Fordham Grawe
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Plus, thanks to all our faithful worshipers! 

And thanks to: Fred Bachert, Blair Bailey, Beehive Class - Buncombe Street UMC, Branches SS Class - Buncombe Street UMC, Melissa Brashier, Denise Cauley, Chi Sigma Iota - Clemson University, Christmas Eve Morning Runners, Church at Cherrydale, Justin Garrison, Will Dennis, Madeline Freeman, Bobbie Goodman, Karen Goodwin, Greenville Middle Academy, Greenville Yoga, Richard Grier, Wendy Kellett, Carol Kirby, Bob Lloyd, George Lyall, Jane McCrary, Cecile Michon, NEXT High School, Eric Oglesby, Miriam Parks, Doug Patrick, Phi Mu Alpha & Sigma Alpha Iota fraternities, PIedmont Child Developmental Center, Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, David Prince, Sevier Middle School, Mareon Stall, Amy Sutherland, Adair Turner, Upstate Pathfinders, Vedic Center of Greenville, and Jane & Bill Williamson for bikes, food, toiletries, gift cards, and other non-cash donations. 
Our Mission Statement:
To share Christ's love while meeting physical needs and providing life-changing opportunities to the disadvantaged.

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