From the pastor:

Sometimes I marvel at the work our mental health worker and nurse do. Besides listening and counseling, their jobs consist of assembling puzzle pieces into a new picture for their clients.

In mid-January, our mental health worker, Shannon McGaugh, moved one of our frequent dinner guests from a tent in the woods to Reedy Place, an apartment complex for the chronically homeless funded by Greenville Mental Health and the Upstate Homeless Coalition. "Happy," she reported, didn't begin to cover his excitement.

As she hung his shower curtain, she said, he was dumbstruck and asked what it was. She explained it was to keep water from drenching the entire bathroom. "Do you mean he'd never seen a shower curtain?" I asked her later. She shrugged. "If he had, it had been so long, he had no memory of it."

During the last week in January, one of our Triune ladies organized a Girls' Night Out at our "beach house" in the next block of Rutherford Street. I'd had a busy day, and so was 20 minutes late in leaving the church. I saw a light still on in the office of our Bon Secours-sponsored nurse, Jean Lilley, so I stopped in to take her with me. Jean was on the phone with six scribble-covered Post-It notes spread out before her. She was arranging bus transportation and a motel reservation for a Greenville woman to get to Charleston for eye surgery.

Jean never did make it to the party, and never complained about it. She was just glad this woman -- who was suffering from a tumor that caused progressive blindness -- would get the treatment she needed.

"By the way, you're paying for the motel," she told me the next day. It was the least I could do.


Deb Richardson-Moore

January at Triune:

Worship and Bible Studies (Average Attendance):

  • Sun AM ..... 249
  • Sun PM .... 42
  • Tues PM .... 103

Meals and Assistance Programs:

  • Hot meals ............ 2,030
  • Grocery boxes......... 223 households
  • Pop-top groceries.... 141 individuals
  • Laundry loads .......... 88
  • Bikes .......................... 2
  • Adult clothing recipients ... 365
  • Child clothing recipients... 94
  • Coats ................................. 87
  • Blankets ...........................116

  • People admitted to drug rehabilitation....... 10
  • Mental health consultations........................ 199
  • Medical consultations................................... 104
  • Volunteer hours ........................................... 865

Worship with us at Triune Chapel:

Our worship service is always open to visitors. Come see us!

February 3, 11 AM -- Soloist Denise Smith and the Voices of Mercy will sing for this communion service. Elaine Nocks will preach on "Assumptions." 6 PM -- Rev. Jerry Hill will speak.

February 10, 11 AM -- Singer Julie Childers will join us, and Deb will preach on "The next day." 6 PM -- Rev. Jerry Hill will speak.

February 17, 11 AM -- The Voices of Mercy will sing, and Deb will preach on ''Fakes and forgeries." 6 PM -- Rev. Laura Bratton of Laurens UMC will speak.

February 24 , 11 AM -- The Voices of Mercy will sing. 6 PM -- Kathy Sharp, Triune's volunteer coordinator, will speak.

City Prayer - Each Wednesday at noon

Wish List:

Our most pressing needs are listed below.

  • Hammond organ, A, B or C, with leslie
  • Office desks and chairs
  • Men's and women's underwear, small and medium sizes
  • Copy paper
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Backpacks
  • Washcloths
  • Peanut butter

Recovery Meetings:

  • Monday- Noon- Narcotics Anonymous
  • Tuesday-Noon - Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
  • Wednesday- Noon -Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, 8 PM- Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Thursday-Noon- Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, 7 PM- Narcotics Anonymous
  • Friday-Noon - Narcotics Anonymous
  • Saturday-9 AM-Alcoholics Anonymous, 10:30AM- Women's Recovery, 7 PM -Narcotics Anonymous

Serving in February:

  • Brookwood Church
  • Prince of Peace Catholic
  • Buncombe Street UMC
  • Reedy Fork Baptist
  • First Baptist of Mauldin
  • St. Mary Magdalene Catholic
  • Food for Life Ministries
  • Trinity Church
  • Grace Covenant Presbyterian
  • Triune Mercy Center
  • Mauldin UMC
  • Valley Brook Outreach Baptist
  • Pelham Road Baptist

Monetary Gifts:

  • In memory of Caroline Previdi - Brandee Sponseller
  • In memory of John S. Zekler, Jr. - Bill & Pat Traxler
  • In memory of K.A. (Andy) Baker, Jr. - Mattie Ouzts, Rebecca Warner, and Paul Warner
  • In memory of Mandy Easterby - Douglas & Barbara Kennemore
  • In memory of Martha Holroyd Ellison - Buck & Betty Chiles
  • In memory of Mary Cobb Anderson - Goudy & Fredna Miller
  • In memory of Reeves Echerd -- Tom and Janet Huskey

  • In honor of Charles Anderson - Debra & Roger Ray
  • In honor of Baxter & Paula Wynn and Gordon & Sarah Herring - Mary Alice Ingram Busch
  • In honor of Ethel Heinrich's 99th Birthday - Steve & Rhonda Rutterbush
  • In honor of the marriage of Bill & Jo Brown - Elaine Nocks
  • In honor of Lynn & Linda Tompkins - Diane Croxton
  • In honor of Pan Little's birthday - Patricia Rex and Margaret Coward
  • In honor of Sallie Eskew - Tracy & Harold Smathers
  • In honor of Sally Reid & Tom Tauterio - Mr. & Mrs. Don Hudson
  • Advent UMC
  • Aldersgate UMC
  • Mary Barnes
  • Joyce & Troy Barton
  • Mr. & Mrs. C. Brock Bauknight
  • Mr. & Mrs. Clarence B. Bauknight
  • Baya Wellness Yoga & Nutrition
  • Berea Friendship UMC
  • Jill Bishop
  • Debbie Blume
  • Steve & Erin Brackbill
  • Susan Brady
  • Virginia Brockner
  • Jim & Sandra Cain
  • Anne Cargill
  • Bruce & Candy Carlson
  • City Church
  • Lyndall C. Coker
  • Paul & Karen Coombs
  • Darrell & Sandra Corder
  • Robert and Dawn Coyne
  • Crazy 8 Circle - First Baptist Church
  • Farroll Daniels
  • Earle Street Baptist Church
  • Sallie Eskew
  • Carla Felton
  • First Presbyterian Church of Greer
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Fulk, Jr.
  • Carolyn Giles
  • Mr. & Mrs. James R. Gilreath
  • Mr. & Mrs. Julius A. Gilreath
  • Gleaners Sunday School Class - Covenant UMC
  • Bonita Gossett
  • Tim & Debbie Gresham
  • Mike & Trish Harrison
  • Margaret Heatherly
  • Mary Ann Henderson
  • Holiday Sunshine Fund of The Greenville News
  • Basil Manly, IV, M.D.
  • Holly & Sean Martin
  • Jane Ella Matthews
  • Victoria McGuire
  • Don & Cheryl McMahan
  • T. Goudy Miller
  • Kenneth Moody
  • Gene & Betty Morin
  • Revelation Sunday School Class - Buncombe Street UMC
  • St. Giles Presbyterian Church
  • Bernard & Cynthia Showman
  • Dwight Smith
  • Virgil Story
  • Pamela Swain
  • The Gridley Club
  • Mr. & Mrs. Irv Welling
  • Hans Wiegert
  • Mary Frances Willingham
  • Jane & Michael Wilson
  • Floyd & Nancy Woods

Plus, thanks to all our faithful worshippers!

And thanks to: Advent UMC, David Batson, Amanda Shearer Benci, Berea Friendship UMC, Blue Ribbon Nuts, Ann & Steve Bollinger, Leanne Boone, Thayer Fleming Brown, Dottie Bryan, Robert Compton, Darrell Corder, Minnie Sue Douglas, Chamberlain Edmunds, Herlane Edwards, Leslie Fairfax, Margy Foody, Bianca Godbee, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, Jean Greer, Gayle Guest, Harriet Caldwell Circle - Greer First Presbyterian Church, Mike & Trish Harrison, Kathy Houston, Janice Jeter, Joe Keith, Stacey & Gray Kitchens, John Korybski, Jim League, John Lewis, Bob Lloyd, W. Frances Marion, Kayce McKroskey, Mary McGee, Nancy McKittrick, Mark McMahan, Michael & Karen Medlin, Sheely Miller, Teeci Morgan, Linda Nowlin, Judy Olson, Tom Owens, Nanda Price, Kay Read, Sally Reid, Keri Rogers, James Rumrill, Frank Salamone, Dan & Betty Shearer, Erik Sproges, G.R. Sutton, Janey Thern, Larry Titus, Carolyn Tomlinson, Tom Vanderbloemen, Claudia Ware, Ryan Whitaker and Elizabeth Woods for donations of clothes, food, and other items.

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