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June 2017         

The Cover Story                        

From the pastor: 

       A challenge in working with homelessness is to make people beyond "the usual suspects" care. That is, to reach beyond our traditional churches and non-profits.  

Since 2006, we have offered Back Yard Mission Days, in which we have groups tour Triune, visit the surrounding neighborhood, and talk to homeless or formerly homeless parishioners in an attempt to gain an understanding of the issues. 

As another inroad, I introduced homelessness and homeless characters into a murder mystery series. Those characters, like housed characters, are a mix of good, bad and in between. But my hope is that people who've never visited us or come into contact with homelessness learn something. A publisher in England, Lion Hudson, picked up the series.
At the end of this month, the second installment, The Cover Story, will be available in bookstores and online.  

If you read the first book, The Cantaloupe Thief, you've already met reporter Branigan Powers and her homeless friend, Malachi Ezekiel Martin. These two pair up again when two college students crash on a rural highway in northeast Georgia. It looks like a typical accident. But when the surviving girl wakens, she tells a curious story of a vehicle that forced them off the road – an old-fashioned, 1950s-style hearse.

      Thus begins a mystery that has Branigan and Malachi bouncing between a college campus and the town’s homeless encampment, trying to make sense of the bizarre links between the two.

       Early reviewer Susan Furlong, author of Peaches and Scream and the Novel Idea mysteries, writes: "This was an intelligently plotted mystery with well-drawn characters and a delightful setting. Reporter Branigan Powers is one of my new favorite sleuths. Highly recommended."
         Here's the cover:  

The release date is June 27 or you can order it early from Fiction Addiction by clicking here or Amazon by clicking here.   

         And keep an eye out for your invitation to a launch party in July.   Happy beach reading!



May at Triune:
Worship and Bible studies (average attendance):
Sun AM.... 266      Sun PM... 22      Sunday school ...11     Playback Cafe ... 62

Meals and Assistance Programs:
Hot meals............................ 1,342  
Grocery boxes....................... 114 households
Pop-top groceries...................   74 individuals
Laundry loads..........................  66                                           
Emergency clothes/blankets/kits. 72
Bikes ............................................. 1  
People placed in rehab.................  9 
Safe housing from sexual exploitation .. 2
Social worker consultations....... 170, including 32 Round Table participants      
Mental health sessions .................. 22
Blood pressures.........................     44
Vision screenings ......................     11
Prescriptions filled .....................     18
Volunteer hours.....................         821

Worship with us at Triune Chapel:

June 4, 11 AM -- Our old friend Rev. Jerry Hill will lead our Voices of Mercy in some rousing gospel songs, and Deb will preach on "Holy Honking Spirit."    
6 PM -- Rev. Kathy Sharp will preach. 

June 11, 11 AM -- Soloist Kim Johnson from Earle Street Baptist and flutist Jill Channer will join us, and Deb will preach on "Last Words."    
6 PM -- Rev. Jerry Hill will preach his final Triune sermon before retiring. 
June 18, 11 AM -- Deb will preach on Father's Day. 
6 PM --  Playback Cafe 

June 25, 11 AM -- Associate Pastor Tandy Taylor will preach.
6 PM -- Becky Grisell will preach, and the Renewal Choir will sing.

Sunday School - Each Sunday at 10 AM.
Bible Study at 4 PM Sunday.

Wish List:
Bottled water
Peanut butter
Pasta sauce
Vienna sausage
Raman noodles
Canned meats
Gas cards

Recovery Meetings:

Monday         Noon           Narcotics Anonymous
Tuesday        Noon           Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
Wednesday   Noon           Narcotics Anonymous
                      6:30 PM      Triune Al-Anon Family Group
                      8:00 PM      Alcoholics Anonymous
Thursday       Noon           Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
                      7:00 PM      Narcotics Anonymous
Friday            Noon           Narcotics Anonymous

                      6:30 PM      Pornography Addicts Anonymous
Saturday       9:00 AM     Alcoholics Anonymous   
                      7:00 PM      Narcotics Anonymous


Serving in June: 

Bethel Breakfast Ministry                        Pelham Road Baptist
Buncombe Street UMC                           Prince of Peace Catholic                                  
First Baptist of Mauldin                            Reedy Fork Baptist   
First Presbyterian of Greer                      St. Giles Presbyterian
Grace Covenant Presbyterian                 Triune Mercy Center
Mauldin UMC                                           Valley Brook Outreach Baptist 

Monetary Donations:

In honor of Jeni Kleckley - Robert and Kathy Lloyd
In honor of Lucy Kuhne - Monday Book Club 

In memory of Josh Allen – Baxter and Paula Wynn
In memory of Sandra Berardinelli - Regula Egli
In memory of Bill Brooks – Alvin and Sarah Drake
In memory of Anne Crabtree - James and Cynthia Clanton
In memory of William Houston – Sydna Wylie
In memory of Katherine Johnson – Jamie Cloninger, Paula Lawrence

In memory of John M. Rubin – Ed and Donna Allen

In memory of Allen Terrel Jr.  – Ann and Winston Lee

In memory of Cooper White – Duff and Margaret Bruce, Barbara Burns, Doris Clark, Linda and Bradley Huband, John Pittman, James Price, Victor and Suzanne Pyle, Alma Steading, Stella Watkins, Lynn and Janie Yeargin

In memory of Avery Wood – Ruby Batson, Dorothy Bryan, Campbell Tile Company, Craig, Gaulden and Davis, Inc., Gordon Sherard, Terrill Walters, Robert Yeargin


Advent UMC

Aldersgate UMC

Kim Bullard

Troy and Joyce Barton

Johnsye Boling

Miranda Brakefield

Tom Buchanan

Sade Canade

William Clark

Covenant UMC

Barbara Cox

Earle Street Baptist Church

Susan Fender

Thayer Fleming 

Fourth Presbyterian Church

Paul and Jennifer Gasque

Darlene Geloni

Bonita Gossett

Angela Grell

James Griffeth

Mike and Trish Harrison

Margaret Heatherly

Betty Herrin

Neil Jamerson

Kelly Kellum

Mark Kirby

Sherry Lawson

Susan Lollis

Richard Maris

Cheryl and Don McMahan

Alexander Nevels

Carey and Cathy Phelps

Don Pilzer

Quester SS Class, Aldersgate UMC

Jacqueline Rudder

Donna Rycroft

Bernard and Cindy Showman

Dwight Smith

Kirk Stotzer

Hans Wiegert

Teresa Wiegert

Michael and Jane Wilson

Plus, thanks to all our faithful worshipers!              
And thanks to: 
The South Carolina Conference of United Methodists for collecting bicycles for Triune.

And to Dave Alridge, Bethel UMC, Buncombe Street UMC, Cathy Kirby, Langston Middle School, Charles Madison, Gigi Mahoney, Sandra Richards, Rudolph Gordon Elementary School, Vedic Center of Greenville, and Zoar UMC for donations of clothing, eggs, food, bottled water, diapers, toiletries, snack bags, sandwiches and bicycles.

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