From the pastor:

If there is one thing we stress at Triune, it is living in a radically welcoming worship community. One of Jesus' foremost commandments was "Love one another."

Hard to do that in isolation.

So we worship, eat, study, wash clothes, garden, make art, and volunteer together. And our ideas bang and clang off one another.

As I was preparing a sermon this winter, I stumbled across Clarence Jordan's commentary The Cotton Patch Version of Paul's Epistles. And in those three chapters of Corinthians in which Paul deals with spiritual gifts, including speaking in tongues, he interrupts himself to talk about "a still more excellent way." And instead of a period after the sentence, Jordan places a colon -- a colon that introduces chapter 13, the so-called love chapter. In other words, spiritual gifts are fine, but the content of this love chapter is paramount.

"If I speak in the tongues of mortals and of angels, but do not have love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal."

One of our parishioners, Karen Lucci, bounced off that idea to write this poem:


It first came to my attention as a possibility when my pastor changed a period to a colon

At the end of the twelfth chapter of First Corinthians

Changing the meaning immensely

Giving the scripture more grace

Making it more proactive

And I thought to myself

Maybe I've been punctuated all wrong

Maybe handfuls of periods where

indiscriminately flung

Into my life where colons and dashes should be

Maybe bushels of periods have been cramping my style,

Restricting my life,

Damming me up

Maybe I'm more like a free flowing melody than a tidy paragraph

That's the thing about community. Together, we're more creative, richer, than we ever could be alone.

I will be speaking about my book, The Weight of Mercy, at Furman University's free High Noon series Wednesday, March 13, noon to 1 PM at the Upcountry History Museum. If you wish, you may bring your lunch. The museum is located on Heritage Green at 540 Buncombe Street -- just up the street from us.


Deb Richardson-Moore

February at Triune:

Worship and Bible Studies (Average Attendance):

  • Sun AM ..... 249
  • Sun PM .... 36
  • Tues PM .... 116

Meals and Assistance Programs:

  • Hot meals ............ 1,878
  • Grocery boxes......... 188 households
  • Pop-top groceries... 116 individuals
  • Laundry loads .......... 75
  • Bikes .......................... 3
  • Adult clothing recipients ... 310
  • Child clothing recipients... 102
  • Coats ................................. 51
  • Blankets ........................... 74

  • People admitted to drug rehabilitation....... 7
  • Jobs ............................................................. 3
  • Mental health consultations........................ 175
  • Medical consultations................................... 80
  • Social work consultations .............................. 30
  • Volunteer hours ........................................... 920

Worship with us at Triune Chapel:

Come spend the Lenten and Holy season with us!

March 3, 11 AM -- Mechelle Luster and Denise Smith will solo, and Deb will preach on "Found in translation." 6 PM -- Robbie Boman will lead a service on "Prayer and Prophecy."

March 10, 11 AM -- Guitarist Taylor Moore will join us, and Deb will preach on "We fall down." 6 PM -- Rev. Jerry Hill will speak.

March 17, 11 AM -- The Triune Gospel Band will perform. 6 PM -- Rev. Jerry Hill will speak.

March 24 , 11 AM -- The choir from First Presbyterian Church of Greer will join us for Palm Sunday, and the Voices of Mercy will perform "Hosanna" from Jesus Christ Superstar. Chris Rose will solo. 6 PM-- Christopher Bailey, a Princeton Seminary student interning with United Ministries, will speak.

March 27, 6 PM -- Walk to the Cross, a quiet and solemn walk among our downtown churches with stops for Passion readings, will begin on the steps of Buncombe Street UMC and end in the Triune sanctuary.

March 31, Easter Sunday, 7 AM -- Join Earle Street Baptist, Trinity Church and Triune for this combined sunrise service at Triune. We'll feature musicians from all three churches, and Deb will preach on "The constant gardener." 11 AM -- The Voices of Triune will sing for this joyful Easter service. 6 PM -- Rev. Jerry Hill will speak.

City Prayer - Each Wednesday at noon

Wish List:

Our most pressing needs are listed below.

  • Hammond organ, A, B or C, with leslie
  • 2-drawer or 4-drawer file cabinet
  • Men's and women's underwear, small and medium sizes
  • Men's belts
  • Copy paper
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Art books and art magazines
  • Canvases 16 x 20 inches or larger
  • Picture frames
  • Fabric
  • Black or white gesso
  • Acrylic paint

Recovery Meetings:

  • Monday- Noon Narcotics Anonymous
  • Tuesday-Noon Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
  • Wednesday- Noon Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, 8 PM Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Thursday - Noon, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous ,7 PM Narcotics Anonymous
  • Friday -Noon Narcotics Anonymous
  • Saturday -9 AM Alcoholics Anonymous,10:30AM Women's Recovery, 7 PM Narcotics Anonymous

Serving in March:

  • Advent UMC
  • Pelham Road Baptist
  • Buncombe Street UMC
  • Piedmont Park UMC
  • Earle Street Baptist
  • Prince of Peace Catholic
  • First Baptist of Mauldin
  • St. Giles Presbyterian
  • First Presbyterian of Greer
  • St. Matthew UMC
  • Food for Life Ministries
  • Trinity Church
  • Grace Covenant Presbyterian
  • Triune Mercy Center
  • Holland Park Church of Christ
  • Valley Brook Outreach Baptist

Monetary Gifts:

  • In memory of Carol Whatley - Leith Whatley
  • In memory of Carol Whatley, Cleon Moon, Lewis Stewart, Paul Bently, and Mike Johnson -Alvin & Sarah Drake

  • In honor of Sally Reid & Todd Lauterio wedding - Devon & Todd Anker

  • Aldersgate UMC
  • Robert & Susan Ariail
  • Cathy Bailey
  • Joyce & Joseph Bearden
  • Julia Bellew
  • Harold Boman
  • Leanne Boone
  • Jim & Sandra Cain
  • City Church
  • Robert & Dawn Coyne
  • Farroll Daniels
  • Sheri Donofrio
  • Carla Felton
  • First Presbyterian Church of Greer
  • Fluor Daniel
  • Mike & Sandy Franklin
  • Allen Freeman
  • Gleaners Sunday School Class - Covenant UMC
  • Christopher Goss
  • Mike & Trish Harrison
  • Margaret Heatherly
  • Carol Hinton
  • Susan Inman
  • John Knox Presbyterian Church
  • Brian Jones
  • Sharon Manquen
  • Don & Cheryl McMahan
  • Cecile Michon & Jerry Lloyd
  • Ken Moody
  • Dianne and Luis Moreno
  • Pisgah UMC
  • Praise Cathedral Church of God
  • Questers Class - Aldersgate UMC
  • Resurgent Capital Services, LP
  • St. Giles Presbyterian Church
  • Shalome
  • Bernard & Cynthia Showman
  • Kenneth Smith
  • Southern Om Yoga Studio
  • Russell & Susan Stall
  • Sarah Swartz
  • Ten Thousand Villages
  • Theologs Group - Westminster Presbyterian Church
  • Mark & Beth Vanostenbridge
  • Carole & Robert Vaughn
  • Jo Ann Walker
  • Barbara Wallace
  • Valerie Weatherly
  • Cooper & June White
  • P.B. Wickensimer
  • Hans Wiegert
  • Margaret Williams
  • Mary Frances Willingham
  • Jane & Michael Wilson

Plus, thanks to all our faithful worshippers!

And thanks to: Rachel Adams, Betsy Baumgardner, Harriett Bell, Berea Friendship UMC Women's Circle, Kathy Brown, Pam Bruce, Buncombe Street UMC Boy's Basketball teams, Carole Dansby, E. I. Day, Minnie Sue Douglas, Earnestine Drummond, Edwards Road Baptist Church, Leslia Fairfax, First Christian Church, First Presbyterian Women's Bible Study, Hayden Hays, Lea Hurdle, Albert Jillson, Little Pampered People, Bob Lloyd, Joe Malone, Terje Pollard, Elsa M. Poole, Katherine & Mitchell Rogers, Barbara Rumrill, Gwen Seagraves, Dan & Betty Shearer, Stainless Ministries, Princess Stall, Susie Taft, Carolyn Tomlinson, Trinity Lutheran Church, Leith Whatley, Doris Williams, Elizabeth Wilson and Tim Youginan for donations of clothes, food, and other items.

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