Triune Mercy Center
August 2017 
Holy Friendships       
From the associate pastor


Fred Wood, a retired architect, is also an artist.  He has created lovely watercolor portraits of different people who are “regulars” here at Triune; many of these portraits hang on the wall in the fellowship hall.  Fred and his wife Cathy are volunteers in our Art Room, where they have forged new friendships as they all create art.  Many days,when the Art Room closes, they give Christy Peeks-Fowler and Bernardine Murphy a ride home; they also hire Pete Kerns to work in their yard.  One day, after Christy sold two paintings for a total of $36, she took Fred, Cathy, and Bernardine out for lunch at the Golden Corral to celebrate.  Recently, Fred had emergency surgery to implant a pacemaker; when he was a patient at Roger C Peace for rehab afterwards, Christy went to visit him.  She rode the bus between her morning shift at Wendy’s and her evening shift at Long John Silver’s. 

Fourteen years ago, when Triune was re-born as a non-denominational mission church, our mission was articulated as being an outpost of healing and hope for the homeless.  That we are.  Yet something else totally unexpected  has happened along the way.  Over the years, friendships have formed, crossing all kinds of socioeconomic, racial, and cultural lines; bridges have been built connecting people whose paths were unlikely to cross otherwise.  The affluent and the homeless worship together, study the Bible together, and eat together, sharing our lives and creating friendships of mutual concern and support.  These bonds of connectedness are a great gift to each person involved, regardless of social standing in the community.  Fred and Cathy run the Art Room; Christy visits Fred in the hospital. 

If you want to take another step toward these holy friendships, take a step beyond worship to join us for lunch any Sunday following worship, or study the Bible with us at 10:00 on Sunday mornings or at 4:00 on Sunday afternoons, or create art with us in the Art Room on Sunday afternoons or Wednesday mornings, or explore the possibility of being in a Support Circle the next time they form.  As you give, you will receive….    


Tandy Taylor

June at Triune:
Worship and Bible studies (average attendance):
Sun AM....239     Sun PM...46     Sunday school ...10      Playback Cafe ...37

Meals and Assistance Programs:
Hot meals.......................... 1,082  
Grocery boxes.......................120 households
Pop-top groceries...................92 individuals
Laundry loads.......................  62                                          
Emergency clothes/blankets/kits.... 91
Bikes ...................................  
People placed in rehab for the first time.........8
     repeats......... 1 
Safe housing from sexual exploitation .. 2
Social worker consultations... 189, including Round Table participants   
Vision screenings ...................... 12
Prescriptions filled .....................  26
Volunteer hours............ 737
People place in housing.... 5     

Worship with us at Triune Chapel:

July 2, 11 AM --  The Rev. Steve Doughty will preach on "Freedom...Jesus... and Us Right Now"; Sammy Dotson will sing a solo, and we'll celebrate communion.  
6 PM -- Ned Barr will preach and Charles "Hillbilly" Hester will give his testimony.  

July 9, 11 AM --  Elaine Nocks will preach on "Another Sidewalk." 
6 PM --  Marydell Atkins will preach; Will McCorkle will lead music with his guitar.  
July 16, 11 AM --  The Rev. Tom LeGrand will preach.   
6 PM --   Playback Cafe

July 23, 11 AM -- Associate Pastor Tandy Gilliland Taylor will preach.  
6 PM --  The Rev. Kathy Sharp will preach.

July 30, 11 AM --  The Rev. Kelli Kirksey will preach. 
6 PM -- 
Marydell Atkins will preach.  

Sunday School - Each Sunday at 10 AM.
Bible Study at 4 PM Sunday. 

Wish List:
Canned meats
Peanut butter
Pasta sauce
Canned fruit
Ramen noodles
Vienna sausages
Bottled water
Peanut butter crackers
Fruit cup

Recovery Meetings:

Monday         Noon           Narcotics Anonymous
Tuesday        Noon           Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
Wednesday   Noon           Narcotics Anonymous
                      6:30 PM      Triune Al-Anon Family Group
                      8:00 PM      Alcoholics Anonymous
Thursday       Noon           Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
                      7:00 PM      Narcotics Anonymous
Friday            Noon           Narcotics Anonymous

                      6:30 PM      Pornography Addicts Anonymous
Saturday       9:00 AM     Alcoholics Anonymous   
                      7:00 PM      Narcotics Anonymous


Serving in July: 

Bethel Breakfast Ministry             Grace Covenant Presbyteria          
Buncombe Street UMC                Holland Park Church of Chris
Earle Street Baptist                      Pelham Road Baptist 
Easley First Baptist                      Prince of Peace Catholic
Edwards Road Baptist                 Triune Mercy Center
First Baptist of Mauldin                Valley Brook Outreach Baptist
Fourth Presbyterian                      
Monetary Donations:
In honor of Jim Cauble - Bonnie Richardson Smart
In memory of Joan Cauble - Bonnie Richardson Smart
In memory of Judy Gregg- Teresa Wiegert
In memory of Victor Pyle – Ann and Winston Lee and James Price
In memory of John Rubin- William Byars, John DeWorken, Chandra Dillard, Mary Grady Brasington, Douglas and Sally Jordan, Ann and Winston Lee, Ralph and Michelle Macrina, Frank Noto, Martin Printing, Patti Renwick, Jeanne and Alan Robinson, W.A. and Mary Robinson, Jeff Smith, Pamela Staples, Mary Strom, Bill and Bobby Wheless, and Ann and Winston Lee
In memory of John Wesson Jr– Alvin Drake
In memory of Cooper White– Anonymous, and Roger and Arlene Bennett
In memory of Avery Wood – John Cothran Crescent Community Club, and Frances Rigdill
Robert and Joan Adams
Aldersgate UMC
Troy and Joyce Barton
Robbie Boman
Miranda Brakefield
Tom and Julie Buchanan
Covenant UMC
Barbara Cox
Sarah Craig
Robert and Barbara Epps
Susan Fender
Thayer Fleming
Paul and Jennifer Gasque
Darlene Geloni
James Griffeth
Cecilia Hamilton
Mike and Trish Harrison
Margaret Heatherly
Neil Jamerson
Adair Johnson
Pamela Kenny
Mark Kirby
John Knox
Lee and Sherry Lawson
Jake and Lauren Lunsford
Richard Maris
Brandi McClain
Don and Cheryl McMahan
Alex and Noland Meyers
Alexander Nevels
Northside UMC
Ben and Martha Reed
Donna Rycroft
Seven Directions
George Sharpton
Bernard and Cynthia Showman
Simpsonville UMC Backyard Mission Day
Skipper Snipes
Peter and Mary Stangel
Kirk Stotzer
Pamela Whitmire
Hans Wiegert
Jane and Michael Wilson

Plus, thanks to all our faithful worshipers!              
And thanks to:  

Thank you to Berea First Baptist, Ms. Brown, Mrs. Kirby, Paveway Express, and St. Philips Episcopal Church for donations of purses and hygiene products, food, eggs, coffee creamers, and food and toiletries.

Our Mission Statement:
To share Christ's love while meeting physical needs and providing life-changing opportunities to the disadvantaged.

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