From the pastor:

A friend sent me the Youtube TED talk by Dale Mullennix, director of Urban Ministry Center in Charlotte.

It was eerie how much his experience mirrored ours at Triune.

His ministry to the homeless was busy with meals, groceries, jobs and housing when an artist named Ingrid came to him with an idea for an outdoor mural. He scoffed.

A UNC college student asked him about starting a soccer team for homeless people.

And a refuge from Hurricane Katrina brought in the idea of singing.

Now all three ministries are booming at Urban Ministry. And Mullennix's new philosophy is: "Come and tell us what you have to offer, and let's see if we can make it happen with homeless people."

The only difference in his experience and ours? We tried basketball instead of soccer, and it didn't catch on. But we're right on board with the art and music. In fact, since I'd been the arts writer for The Greenville News in a former life, I skipped the scoffing part.

In our case, it was Karen Lucci who came up with the idea of art with the homeless. In May, the Upstate Women's Club mounted our eighth or so art show and raised $2,600. What a thrill to see our artists' work the subject of intense auction bidding that reached $200 and $300!

Karen's latest idea is a movable indoor mural for this summer. You'll see the supplies we need listed on our wish list, below.

Last fall, we hired our first music director, Andy Welchel. Andy's an accounting professor by day, a rock musician by night. On Sundays, the man ranges from high church to gospel, Bach to Bob Dylan. Our Voices of Mercy and the Triune Gospel Band have made our worship services vibrant and fun. And like everything we do at Triune, both ensembles are a mix of middle-class and homeless participants, middle-class and homeless friends.

We had another visitor last year with yet another arts-related idea. Dr. Dale Savidge, theater department chair at North Greenville University, wanted to try an improvisational theater project with the homeless. The resulting Playback Cafe, which runs 7-8 PM every other Wednesday night this summer (June 5 and 19, July 10 and 24, August 7 and 21) invites the homeless to tell their stories. Trained community actors then "play them back." The format addresses a feeling homeless people have expressed to us -- that they are often "looked right through."

I love what Dale Mullennix is doing in Charlotte. He's discovered what we have: There's no right or wrong way to build community. So if people want to bring their passion to Triune, we're usually willing to let them try.

Here's Mr. Mullennix's short take on the topic:


Deb Richardson-Moore

May at Triune:

Worship and Bible Studies (Average Attendance):

  • Sun AM ..... 233
  • Sun PM .... 28
  • Tuesday .... 105

Meals and Assistance Programs:

  • Hot meals ............ 1,914
  • Adult clothing recipients ... 363
  • Grocery boxes......... 225 households
  • Child clothing recipients... 142
  • Pop-top groceries ... 116 individuals
  • Laundry loads ................... 77
  • Bikes ........................ 5
  • Blankets ............................. 7

  • People placed in rehab ............................... 8
  • Jobs ............................................................. 2
  • Mental health consultations........................ 171
  • Bon Secours St. Francis nursing consultations.............. 69
  • Bon Secours St. Francis social work consultations ...... 35
  • Volunteer hours ...................................................... 944

Worship with us at Triune Chapel:

For two Sundays in June, we will have different voices in our pulpit as Deb takes vacation and swaps pulpits with a pastor whose congregation wants to learn more about Triune. We are excited to hear God's message through these new voices.

June 2, 11 AM -- Rev. Steve Doughty, a retired Presbyterian Church (USA) minister and author of five books, will bring our message, "Seeing what Jesus sees." Steve and his wife, Jean Fontaine, are regular Triune worshipers. The Voices of Mercy will sing, and we will observe communion.6 PM -- Rev. Jerry Hill, just back from Haiti, will lead the service.

June 9, 11 AM -- Deb will preach on "Breaking bread, breaking silence," in preparation for our Offering of Letters for Bread for the World. Maria Smith will be our guest soloist. 6 PM -- Youth choirs from First UMC of Anniston, Alabama, and First Baptist of Taylors will lead us in an all-music program.

June 16, 11 AM -- Rev. Pat Jobe, pastor of Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, will bring our message, while Deb preaches at GUUF.6 PM -- Robbie Boman will lead a prayer service.

June 23, 11 AM -- Deb will preach.6 PM -- Rev. Jerry Hill will preach.

June 30, 11 AM -- Deb will preach.6 PM -- TBA.

City Prayer - Each Wednesday at noon

Wish List:

We are preparing to paint a mural in the dining hall. Some of our needs relate to that project.

  • Desktop laser printer
  • Three large and sturdy dropcloths
  • Nine 2 x 4-foot plywood panels
  • Water-based paints in wide-mouthed quart containers
  • Paintbrushes, 1/2-to-3-inch
  • Vinyl and labor to upholster 5 chairs in our reception area
  • Used microwave oven
  • Acrylic sound barrier for drums

Recovery Meetings:

  • Monday -Noon-Narcotics Anonymous
  • Tuesday -Noon-Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
  • Wednesday -Noon-Narcotics Anonymous <8 PM-Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Thursday -Noon-Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous 7 PM-Narcotics Anonymous
  • Friday -Noon-Narcotics Anonymous
  • Saturday -9 AM-Alcoholics Anonymous 10:30AM-Women's Recovery 7 PM-Narcotics Anonymous

Serving in June:

  • Advent UMC
  • Mauldin UMC
  • Buncombe Street UMC
  • Prince of Peace Catholic
  • Earle Street Baptist
  • Reedy Fork Baptist
  • First Baptist of Mauldin
  • St. Giles Presbyterian
  • First Presbyterian of Greer
  • St. Matthew UMC
  • Food for Life Ministries
  • Triune Mercy Center
  • Grace Covenant Presbyterian
  • Trinity Church
  • Valley Brook Outreach Baptist

Monetary Gifts:

  • In memory of Barry Brown and Clara Heaton - Bill Brown
  • In memory of Steve Snipes - Susan Snipes

  • In honor of Four Local Scholars and Their Loving Shepherd - Alan Scott Henderson
  • In honor of Jeanne Gaines - Travelers Rest UMC
  • In honor of Nicky Wallace - Will, Sally & Neil McCabe
  • In honor of Girls' Beach Weekend -- Nancy Pendergast
  • In honor of graduates Joey Norman, Caroline Waddell, Sarah McIntyre and Mary Elizabeth Smith -- Steve and Rhonda Rutterbush

  • Carole Abumoussa
  • Aldersgate UMC
  • Robin & Michael Aleksinas
  • Barbara Angle
  • Anonymous
  • Bob & Susan Ariail
  • Alice Baird
  • Mr. & Mrs. C. Brock Bauknight
  • Mr. & Mrs. Clarence B. Bauknight
  • Harold Boman
  • Mr. & Mrs. Welch M. Bostick, Jr.
  • Elizabeth Burlington
  • Jim & Sandra Cain
  • Nancy Calnon
  • City Church
  • Robert Clanton
  • Darrell & Sandra Corder
  • Christina Corley
  • Dawn & Robert Coyne
  • Hadyn Culbertson
  • Sheri Donofrio
  • Alvin & Sarah Drake
  • Earle Street Baptist Church
  • Janice Elliott
  • Sallie Eskew
  • First Presbyterian Church of Greer
  • Virginia Ford
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Fulk, Jr.
  • Christopher Goss
  • Bonita Gossett
  • Susan Gray
  • Doris Greene
  • Greenville Middle School Faculty Book Club

  • Gleaners Sunday School Class - Covenant UMC
  • Angela Grell
  • Mike & Trish Harrison
  • Margaret Heatherly
  • Faye Hollibaugh
  • Huskamp Associates
  • Pat Jobe
  • Jerry Landreth
  • Carol Langley
  • Pat B. Lee
  • Susan Lee
  • Sara T. Lomax
  • Grace Lyle
  • Andrea Malone
  • Richard Maris
  • Alvin McCall
  • Don & Cheryl McMahan
  • Maria Metts
  • Dianne & Luis Moreno
  • David & Hope Murtaugh
  • Naomi Circle - Mauldin UMC
  • Northside UMC
  • Deborah Plummer
  • Sandra Ridgeway
  • Wallis Riser
  • Riverside Middle School
  • St. Giles Presbyterian Church
  • St. Peter Episcopal Church
  • Joann Gonsar-Scull
  • Bernard & Cynthia Showman
  • James Sheppard
  • Sisk Foundation - Buncombe Street UMC
  • Douglas & Elizabeth Smith
  • Dwight Smith
  • Sara Smith
  • Peter & Mary Stangel
  • Mary Peace Sterling
  • Student Activities Fund of the Governor's School for Arts & Humanities
  • Tennie N. Terrell
  • Mrs. L.D. Terry, Jr.
  • Timpanelli Family Chiropractic
  • Upstate Women's Club
  • Katherine Watkins
  • Richard & Julia Webb
  • Rose Whaley
  • Hans Wiegert
  • Dr. John Williford, Jr.
  • Elizabeth Wilson
  • Jane & Michael Wilson
  • Nancy Zende

  • Plus, thanks to all our faithful worshippers!

    And thanks to: Neil Alexander, Carole Austen, M.P. Bell, Patsy Brock, Ryan Burnett, Pam Clark, Sandra Davidson, Nikki Day, Roy Fore, Bruce Gallagher, Carol Young Gallagher, Girls on the Run, Kevin Lynch, Andrea Malone, Sheely Miller, Robbie Morgan, Ann Moxie, Helen Nixon, Mark Perry, Gwen Seagraves, Jeff Shafer, Jennifer Spellman, Theresa Stepp, Michael Stokes, and Ann Wynn for donations of clothes, food, and other items.

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