Triune Mercy Center
January 2018          
 This Time, Next Year        

From the pastor: 

          On the last Sunday of every year, I preach a sermon titled "This Time, Next Year." The idea is that someone may be addicted, homeless, unemployed or estranged from family right now. But in a year's time, things could be quite different.
          The last Sunday of 2017 fell on New Year's Eve. I told the stories of two men who had been recently housed by consistently working with our social workers, Kathy Sharp and Robin Barton. Kenneth "Shorty" Powell had been on the street for one year, Sippio Wardlaw for an astonishing 35 years.
            Kenneth owned some property in Poe Mill, but had lost his housing due to multiple medical issues -- getting hit twice by cars, a heart attack, a moped wreck. But the real blow came when first his father, then his ex-wife died. He simply gave up, and was content to sleep between sheets of plastic on his land, and walk to Triune for worship, Bible study and meetings with Robin.
            It was Robin, he said, who convinced him that he had value and that he had a friend. In early December, he moved into a mobile home. He walks two miles to get to Triune on Sundays. 
           Sippio's story was more complicated. He came from a broken home, and the one thing he always wanted was to raise his children in a stable, two-parent household. Yet, when his marriage ended after 10 years, he refused to pay his court-ordered child support. It was the wrong decision, he says. and he doesn't know why he made it.
          But the two years he spent in and out of jail and losing jobs because of it landed him on the street at 31. That was in 1981, and there weren't nearly so many homeless people on the streets of Greenville. He slept on park benches and in unoccupied cars and buses, and for long stretches of time, in the Greenville Rescue Mission. He worked day labor but got into a dead-end pattern of spending his daily pay on crack cocaine.
           "I guess crack took away the pain for awhile," he said. "I just wanted the pain to ease up some kind of way.”
            I met Sippio when I arrived at Triune in 2005. He was 54 by then, and one of the kindest and most helpful people at the church. Still, in those days, he had no desire to change. 
        “I’d been outdoors for so long I couldn't imagine living inside," he said. 
         At 62, he began to receive a Social Security check, and though small -- $769 a month -- he saw it as an opportunity to make a plan. He stopped smoking crack. He saved a huge part of that check each month, and got his driver's license reinstated. Then he bought a used Toyota Camry. Then he moved into an apartment. We thought he was finished, but he went before the South Carolina Pardon and Parole Board and got a pardon for decades-old drug convictions. That made him eligible for a better apartment, and he moved in 2017.  
         Sippio is 66 now, and we have watched his progress with awe. He comes to Triune for every worship service and Bible study, and every Round Table and Welcome Home, which are support groups for our parishioners. 
          Shorty and Sippio prove it can be done, that building relationships and goal-setting can get them where they want to be. We hope that by telling their stories, more people will be sober and housed this time, next year. 
December at Triune:
Worship and Bible studies (average attendance):
Sun AM.... 244    Sun PM... 109       Playback Cafe ....75    Christmas Concert ... 447
Meals and Assistance Programs:
Hot meals............................ 1,449 
Grocery boxes....................... 134 households
Pop-top groceries...................   78 individuals
Laundry loads..........................  67                                       
Emergency clothes/coats......    13
Blankets .................................. 19
Hygiene kits .........................    73

Bikes ...................................       1 
People placed in rehab........     12  
Safe housing from sexual exploitation ... 2  
Social worker consultations.... 142 including 33 Round Table participants         
Vision screenings ......  17
Prescriptions filled ...... 19 
Blood pressures .......   38
Volunteer hours ..... 1,203

Worship with us at Triune Chapel:

January 7, 11 AM -- Larry McNair and Brianna Sutton will sing, and Deb will preach on "Before We've Done Anything At All."  
6 PM --  Rev. Susie Smith will preach on "Epiphany Stars."

January 14, 11 AM --  The Voices of Mercy will lead worship, and Deb will preach on "In Our Image."  
6 PM --   Marydell Atkins will preach.
January 21, 11 AM -- Deb will preach.  
6 PM -- Join us for Playback Cafe, our improvisational theatrical offering in which community actors play back the stories of our homeless parishioners.    

January 28, 11 AM --  Rev. Tandy Taylor will preach. 
6 PM --  Elaine Nocks will speak.  

Sunday School - Each Sunday at 10 AM.
Bible Study at 4 PM each Sunday. 
Wish List:
        Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who brought in donations and cooked meals during December. You didn't let the holidays interrupt your commitments: Bethel Breakfast Ministries served a Christmas Day breakfast, and Advent UMC grilled steaks in our 25-degree parking lot on New Year's Eve.
        You greatly blessed the homeless community of Greenville and the people of God who gather at Triune. There are only a few items we currently need, thanks to your holiday generosity.

Peanut butter
Pasta sauce
Canned meat 
Recovery Meetings:

Monday         Noon           Narcotics Anonymous
Tuesday        Noon           Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
Wednesday   Noon           Narcotics Anonymous
                      6:30 PM      Triune Al-Anon Family Group
                      8:00 PM      Alcoholics Anonymous
Thursday       Noon           Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
                      7:00 PM      Narcotics Anonymous
Friday            Noon           Narcotics Anonymous

                      6:30 PM      Pornography Addicts Anonymous
Saturday       9:00 AM      Alcoholics Anonymous   
                      7:00 PM      Narcotics Anonymous


Serving in January: 
Bethel Breakfast Ministries                                 Holland Park Church of Christ
Buncombe Street UMC                                      John Knox Presbyterian
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints      Pelham Road Baptist
First Baptist of Mauldin                                       Prince of Peace Catholic
Fourth Presbyterian                                            Triune Mercy Center
Grace Covenant Presbyterian                            Valley Brook Outreach Baptist
Monetary Donations:

In honor of Roger and Louise Ables - Rudy and Sonya Ables
In honor of Art Room volunteers - Judy and Hugh Pennell
In honor of Carole and John Austin, Cathy and Duke McCall - George and Jane Watkins
In honor of Carole and John Austin, Jeane Begg, Mary and Ken Bolt - Dr. Ann Quattlebaum
In honor of Matthew and Linda Blaisdell - Susan White 
In honor of "Bones" - Jonathan Jones
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bouton, Mr. and Mrs. Chip Allison, Mrs. Sandra McNaughton, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Counts, Mr. and Mrs. John Braeunig, Mrs. Lydia Kellett, Mrs. Tudda Carpenter, Dr. and Mrs. Boyce Tollison, Wednesday Men's Bridge Club - Michael and Joan Kellett
In honor of Bruce Brown - Lynne Shackelford
In honor of Pam Bruce - Thomas Bruce
In honor of Tom Bruce - Dave and Lisa Burlington
In honor of Chuck and Susanne Butler - Joseph and Cathryn Surkamer
In honor of Sharon Byrd and Sally Stewart - June White   
In honor of Mary Ann Callcott, Ann Grayson, Kathy Roberson, Susan and Raoul Glenn, Elaine Gentry, Mary Jane Steele, Mr. and Mrs. George McLeod -Ann Lee
In honor of Doris Clanton - Terrill Walters
In honor of Dr. Larry Clanton - Doris Clanton
In honor of Steve and Becky Connelly - Marie Kmonicek 
In honor of Darrell and Sandra Corder - Jim Cauble
In honor of Skip Costa, Mr. and Mrs. Felix Marbury - Michael and Glenda Costa
In honor of John and Jeanette Cothran - Scott Cothran
In honor of Cris and Gareth Crain - George and Dorothy Dowe
In honor of Della Day - Glenda Bailey
In honor of Deb and her staff - Nancy Ledford
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. William Dillard - Thomas Dillard
In honor of Pat Dillow - Betty Erbe, Cynthia Staley
In honor of Kathy and Paul Dodge - John and Janice Johnson
In honor of Sammy Dotson, David Raulston, Russ Long, Ollicia Burnside, Tyler James, Ken Dawson, Robert Shell, Charles Hester, Eddie Jackson, Fred Wood, Sharon Rosenberg, Nancy Weatherly, David Hanna, Mike and Judy Vause - Cathi Karelitz
In honor of Steve Doughty and Jean Fontaine - Anthony Doughty, William and Nadine Doughty, Don and Deborah Fontaine
In honor of extended family of Robert McKinney - Kinard and Carol Johnson
In honor of Morgan Fayssoux - Jean Sanderson
In honor of Fidelis Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa -  Grace Ingram
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In honor of Sarah and Gordon Herring, Judy and Bing Vick - Don and Judy Lineback
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Plus, thanks to all our faithful worshipers!

And thanks to:
Stone Academy 4th Grade, Advantage Nursing, Gene Burger, Nissa Ching, Christmas Eve Runners, Credit Central, Embassy Suites, Tom Ervin, Greenville Health System Business Office, Janet Huskey, Denise Johnson, Cathi Karelitz, Lake Forest Elementary, Lutheran Church of Our Savior,  Mauldin First Baptist Church, Mauldin UMC Action Class, John Mullinax, Nicholtown Baptist Youth, Kristi Potter, Lori Stone, Upstate Pathfinders, Upstate Warrior Solutions, Mike Vatalaro, Vintage Barber Shop, West End Association, WYFF-TV, Jennifer Yarborough, Stefan Yazijian, and Yoga N. Main for donating homeless kits/backpacks, canned goods, coats, blankets, art supplies, suitcases, underwear, hats, gloves, scarves and other items.  
Our Mission Statement:
To share Christ's love while meeting physical needs and providing life-changing opportunities to the disadvantaged.

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