From the pastor:

The man was visibly shaken when he approached me at the end of our Easter service. He was the house guest of two of our most active parishioners, a visitor from up North.

"I'm intuitive," he began almost apologetically, "sensitive, I guess you could say." He explained that when he goes into a church, he always asks if there are angels present.

Once, he said, he entered a beautiful stone church in Pennsylvania for a wedding, but felt no angelic presence. That is, not until his nephew and the nephew's bride recited their vows. Then he was aware of dancing beings 10 feet above their heads, not visible exactly, but pulsing with energy.

As he slid into a pew at Triune, he said, he silently asked his usual question. But instead of the silence he's come to expect, a jolt surged through his mind and body: We are here in great numbers.

"That's exactly what they said," he repeated, " 'here in great numbers.' I tell you, it gave me goosebumps to get that impression so quickly and so strong."

That's all he said, even when I phoned him later to clarify. He didn't embellish, didn't add a thing, just repeated his firm belief that angels inhabit Triune -- or at least they did on Easter morning.

I've long known that human angels hold us up before our heavenly God. It's nice to know the real ones are around, too.

If you haven't yet attended Playback Cafe, an improvisational night of drama driven by the stories of the homeless, you'll get two chances this month. Join us at 7 PM April 10 and 24 in the dining hall as we lend the dignity of listening to the stories of people who live on Greenville's streets.

You are invited to join me at the Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 12:30 to 4 PM April 28 for the Authors & Artisans Fair. It will be a chance to hear local writers read from their work and to purchase local art.


Deb Richardson-Moore

March at Triune:

Worship and Bible Studies (Average Attendance):

  • Sun AM ..... 256
  • Sun PM .... 32
  • Tues PM .... 121

Meals and Assistance Programs:

  • Hot meals ............ 2,149
  • Adult clothing recipients ... 294
  • Grocery boxes......... 169 households
  • Child clothing recipients... 102
  • Pop-top groceries... 95 individuals
  • Coats ................................. 4
  • Laundry loads .......... 95
  • Blankets ............................. 42
  • Bikes .......................... 2

  • People admitted to drug rehabilitation....... 11
  • Jobs ............................................................. 5
  • Mental health consultations........................ 183
  • Medical consultations................................... 88
  • Social work consultations .............................. 51
  • Volunteer hours ........................................... 764

Worship with us at Triune Chapel:

April 7, 11 AM -- The Voices of Mercy will sing, with solos by Charity Jones, Anthony Neely, and Jen St. Sjarna. Deb will preach on "In praise of doubt, in celebration of scars," and we will observe communion. 6 PM -- Robbie Boman will lead a service on "Resurrection prayers."

April 14, 11 AM -- Our friend and volunteer lawyer, David Rutledge, will solo, and Deb will preach on "On the beach." 6 PM -- Rev. Jerry Hill will speak.

April 21, 11 AM -- Come hear what the Voices of Mercy have in store for us. 6 PM -- Rev. Jerry Hill will speak.

April 28, 11 AM -- The Voices of Mercy will lead us in worship. 6 PM -- Rev. Jerry Hill will speak.

City Prayer - Each Wednesday at noon

Wish List:

  • Hammond organ, A, B or C, with leslie
  • Peanut butter
  • Jelly
  • Sugar
  • Pasta sauce
  • Vienna sausages
  • Suitcases
  • Washing powder
  • Bleach
  • Bus passes
  • Men's shorts
  • Men's blue jeans

Recovery Meetings:

  • Monday -Noon-Narcotics Anonymous
  • Tuesday -Noon-Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
  • Wednesday -Noon-Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous 8 PM Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Thursday -Noon-Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous 7 PM Narcotics Anonymous
  • Friday -Noon-Narcotics Anonymous
  • Saturday -9 AM-Alcoholics Anonymous 10:30AM Women's Recovery 7 PM Narcotics Anonymous

Serving in April:

  • Buncombe Street UMC
  • Mauldin UMC
  • Earle Street Baptist
  • Pelham Road Baptist
  • Edwards Road Baptist
  • Prince of Peace Catholic
  • First Baptist of Mauldin
  • Trinity Church
  • Food for Life Ministries
  • Triune Mercy Center
  • Fourth Presbyterian
  • Valley Brook Outreach Baptist
  • Grace Covenant Presbyterian

Monetary Gifts:

  • In memory of Carol Whatley - Kenneth & Pamela Swain
  • In memory of Margaret Morrow Duncan - James & Lisa Micali
  • In memory of Betty Fear - Karen M. Chapman and Susan McLeod
  • In memory of Peter Dowling, Louise Bell Bently, and M.O. Alexander - Alvin & Sarah Drake

  • In honor of Celeste R. Price - James H. Price III
  • In honor of Jerry Nuckolls - Dean & Debbie Varner
  • In honor of Sandra & Darrell Corder - Bill Cheek
  • In honor of Sally & Todd Lauterio's marriage - Judy Lineback
  • In honor of Faithann Siler's baptism -- Judy Sharman

  • Virginia Able
  • Aldersgate UMC
  • Anonymous
  • Thomas Armaly
  • Lou Ellen Beckham-Davis
  • Iva Boema
  • CafĂ© at Williams Hardware
  • Jim & Sandra Cain
  • City Church
  • Darrell & Sandra Corder
  • Robert & Dawn Coyne
  • Jonette Crowe
  • Farroll Daniels
  • Sallie Eskew
  • First Presbyterian Church of Greer
  • Gleaners Sunday School Class - Covenant UMC
  • Bonita Gossett
  • Greenville Furniture Exchange, Inc.
  • Angela Grell
  • Dianne Grubbs
  • Mike & Trish Harrison
  • Margaret Heatherly
  • John Knox Presbyterian Church
  • Amy Johnson
  • Katherine Johnson
  • Jim & Andrea League
  • Nancy Ledford
  • Han & Jane Lukker
  • John & Holly Martin
  • Jane Ella Matthews
  • Ken Moody
  • Roger & Tiffany Moore
  • Donna Myers' Book Club
  • Northgate Baptist Church
  • Northside UMC
  • Lynn & Margaret Ogle
  • Lisa Panhorst
  • Eva Parrott
  • Ryan Ruggieri
  • Bernard & Cynthia Showman
  • Alex Smith
  • Kenneth Smith
  • Anne Spence
  • Jimmy & Corrine Stewart
  • Scott Timpanelli
  • Trinity Presbyterian Church
  • Mark & Beth Vanostenbridge
  • W.B. & Kathy Walker
  • Hans Wiegert
  • Mary Frances Willingham
  • Jane & Michael Wilson
  • Margaret Wyatt

Plus, thanks to all our faithful worshippers!

And thanks to: Thomas Armaly, John Batson, M.B. Bell, Charles Brock, Christ the King Lutheran Church, Bradley Christie, Covenant UMC Prayer Shawl Ministry, Nikki Day, Emil Fistel, First Baptist of Travelers Rest children, Five Forks Baptist Church, Darren H. Gardner, Christopher Garner, Roy Greene, John Hancock, III, Sylvia Harold, Rev. Joe Hinton, Delores Johnson, Kiwanis Club, Connie Lacquement, David Malone, Mike & Elise McCasland, Dustin Moore, Donna Myers' Book Club, Promotions Unlimited, Vic Pyle, Matt Richardson, Ryan Ruggieri, St. Matthews UMC, Linda Sarratt, Second Time Around, Soul Winners, Sue Thompkins, Edna Thompson, Trinity Lutheran Church, H.T. Warren, Doug Wilson, Hope & Harrison Zinkann for donations of clothes, food, and other items.

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