• 222 Rutherford St., Greenville, SC 29609
  • (864) 233-8020
  • 222 Rutherford St., Greenville, SC 29609
  • (864) 233-8020

Mercy Center

Mercy Center


  • 222 Rutherford St., Greenville, SC 29609
  • (864) 233-8020
  • www.triunemercy.org

At Triune, we attempt to empower rather than enable. Toward that end, our relief work is limited to four hot meals a week, a grocery pantry and laundry services. Every other ministry is aimed at offering transformational possibilities to our parishioners – from drug rehab to social work to advice from our volunteer lawyers.

Triune Circles

Triune Circles is a year-long relational ministry designed to assist individuals and families who want to move out of poverty or homelessness and make significant life changes. The focus is on equipping and empowering people to move forward while being surrounded by a supportive team. Each participant is called a leader because he or she is in charge of the direction the Circle moves and is accountable for decisions and progress.

Each Circle consists of one leader and four to five volunteers from the community. Both leaders and support team members go through training before and after the Circles are formed to help equip them for this journey. One of the foundational pieces of the program is "My Future Story", written by each leader and used as the target goal.

To learn more or to join a Triune Circle, contact Cheri Shumate at (864) 546-5071 or via email at cheri@triunemercy.org.

Medical Outreach

Bon Secours St. Francis Health System has placed a nurse and a social worker in our building Monday through Wednesday. Greenville Health System sends its mobile medical van on alternate Wednesdays.


Opthalmologist Dr. Darrell Jervey volunteers at Triune every other Tuesday from 9 to 11:30 a.m. He performs eye screenings, dispenses reading glasses and refers clients to Surgeons for Sight if further care is needed.

To make an appointment with Dr. Jervey, contact Rhonda Lindsay at 864-449-2017 or Rhonda_Lindsay@bshsi.org.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery
Our rehabilitation case managers, David Gay and Pat Parker, help people access treatment centers. Contact David at (864) 546-5065, or davidwg@triunemercy.org. Contact Kreg at (864) 546-5066, or pat@triunemercy.org.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Schedule
Tuesdays at noon
Thursdays at noon
Saturdays at 9:00 a.m.

Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Schedule
Weekdays at noon
Thursdays at 7:00 p.m.
Saturdays at 7:00 p.m.

The Art Room
The art room at Triune Mercy is a fun and brightly painted room, perfect for creativity. Most of the art work throughout our building was created in this room, and a piece is displayed beside the pulpit every Sunday.

Art Room Hours:
Wednesday 9 a.m - Noon
Saturday 9 a.m - Noon

Playback Cafe
Dr. Dale Savidge, theater department chair at North Greenville University, founded our Playback Café. The homeless tell their stories, and trained community actors “play them back.” It is our attempt to address a common feeling among the homeless – that they are “looked right through.” For performance times, call Linda Hanna at 233-8020, ext. 120 or contact her via email at linda@triunemercy.org .

Social Work

Triune social worker Robin Barton and Bon Secours St. Francis social worker Rhonda Lindsay help people with issues ranging from housing to prescriptions to coordinated medical services to legal aid from our volunteer attorneys. Robin and other Triune staff also run twice-a-week Round Tables to encourage people to work toward goals, and a monthly Welcome Home support group for those who have moved into housing. For more information, contact Robin at (864) 546-5068, or robin@triunemercy.org, or Rhonda at 864-449-2071 or Rhonda_Lindsay@bshsi.org.

Mental Health Counseling

Because of the level of mental illness, brain damage and mental disability we see, Triune has access to a mental health counselor. For more information, contact Robin, above.

Jasmine Road

Triune and Christ Church Episcopal partnered to launch Jasmine Road, a non-profit, two-year residence for women who are exiting the sex trade. Jasmine Road's office is located at Triune, and Executive Director Beth Messick works to address this tragic problem in our community.

For more information, click www.jasmineroad.org

Grocery Services
Grocery assistance is available to those who are low-income or homeless. It is open to the first 50 people who come in on Wednesday mornings between 9 and 11 a.m.

Hot Meals
Triune Mercy Center’s partner churches serve four hot meals a week – at noon Saturday, noon and 5 p.m. Sunday, and 7 a.m. on Monday. The Sunday lunch is a congregational fellowship for those who attend 11 a.m. worship.