• 222 Rutherford St., Greenville, SC 29609
  • (864) 233-8020
  • 222 Rutherford St., Greenville, SC 29609
  • (864) 233-8020

About Triune

About Triune Mercy Center


  • 222 Rutherford St., Greenville, SC 29609
  • (864) 233-8020
  • www.triunemercy.org

Triune Mercy Center is a non-denominational mission church that ministers alongside the homeless in downtown Greenville, South Carolina.


More than a hundred years ago, Triune United Methodist Church was founded to worship God and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. In 1989, the church and some like-minded partners began to provide hot meals to the neighborhood under the name Triune Mercy Center. In 2003, the Methodist church dissolved, and Triune Mercy Center became a non-denominational mission church with a board of directors that reflects the variety of its denominational partnerships.


The cornerstone of Triune is worship – held at 11 a.m. each Sunday in the beautiful Triune Chapel. The non-denominational services attract a diverse population of Greenville’s homeless and affluent, and provide a gathering place for those who, in the words of the prophet Micah, desire “to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with (their) God.”

Mission Statement: To share Christ’s love by meeting physical needs and providing life-changing opportunities to the disadvantaged.

More About Triune Mercy Center

Our Partners

Many local churches and organizations serve as Triune’s partners. We could not operate without them.

If your church or organization is interested in becoming a partner, please contact Jennifer Fouse Sheorn at 864-233-8020, ext. 110, or by email at jennifer@triunemercy.org.


No. It was founded as a United Methodist church in 1900, but it is now a non-denominational mission church that ministers alongside the homeless.

No, we offer upbeat, vibrant services in which everyone is welcome. We see part of our mission as bringing affluent Christians face to face with the economically deprived. Homelessness is such a huge problem that it requires the efforts of all of us to eradicate it.


No, Triune is a church that operates a weekend soup kitchen among its other ministries.

A Back Yard Mission Day is available by reservation any Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday. For more information, please visit the Back Yard Missions page. Call Jennifer at 864-233-3402 to schedule.

Triune receives offerings and donations from individuals, churches and foundations. Our partner churches completely pay for, cook and serve the meals at our weekend soup kitchen. Our food pantry is stocked almost entirely with donations.

Triune’s address is 222 Rutherford St., Greenville. It sits on the corner of Stone Avenue and Rutherford Street, next door to Tommy’s Country Ham House.

Join us for 11 a.m. Sunday worship or reserve a Back Yard Mission Day. Either is a great way to get an overview of our operation. For more regular volunteer opportunities, call Linda Hanna at 864-233-8020 ext. 120 or email her at linda@triunemercy.org. Volunteer orientation takes place every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:00 pm.

Our faithful partner churches already have most meals scheduled months in advance. However, there are occasional openings. Call Linda Hanna at 864-233-8020 ext. 120.

Triune Chapel is the beautiful sanctuary where we worship.


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Triune Mercy Center Board of Directors 2020

Mike Andrews (2019-2021)
Retired Engineer/Volunteer Director of Adult Ed
Holland Park Church of Christ

Sarah Bell (2018-2020)
Tax Senior Manager
Elliott Davis

Zeke Benton (2020-2022)

Kim Bullard (2020-2022)
President, THG Construction, Inc.

Justin Cazel (2019-2021)
Senior VP at South State Bank

Susan Fender (2019-2021)
Retired Registered Nurse/Satellite Coordinator
Greenville Free Medical Clinic

Justin Garrison, Chair, (2020-2022)
Communications, Fluor Corp.

Rev. Patricia Gwinn (2018-2020)
Pastor, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

Wendi Hill (2020-2022)
President, Market Momentum

Carey Lee Hudson (2020-2022)
Artist at Studio 201

John Love (2019-2021)
Aide, JL Mann High School

Elaine Nocks (2018-2020)
Retired Furman Professor and
Volunteer Pastoral Assoc. at Triune
Chip Price (2018-2020)

Debra Scurry (2019-2021)
Office Manager at SC Legal Aid

Rion Smith (2018-2020)
Owner, Outdoors Sports Marketing

Anne M. Spence (2019-2021)
Partner, NPO Partners, LLC

Doug Stout (2020-2022)
Franchise Consultant
Franchise Consulting Co.

Amy Sutherland (2020-2022)
Attorney/Family Court Judge, Retired


Triune Mercy Center
864-233-8020 ext. 110

Pastor / Director
864-233-8020 ext. 170

Associate Pastor
864-233-8020 ext. 180

Associate Director / Employment Specialist
864-233-8020 ext. 130

Rehabilitation Specialist
864-233-8020 ext. 150

Director of Enrichment Programs
864-233-8020 ext. 106

Recovery Advocate/Operations Support
864-233-8020 ext. 160

Facilities Manager
864-233-8020 ext. 107

Social Worker
864-233-8020 ext. 120

Office Manager / Volunteer Coordinator
864-233-8020 ext. 108

Bon Secours St. Francis Social Worker