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Drug & Alcohol Recovery

Drug & Alcohol Recovery

For those individuals ready to take the steps they need to recover from drug and/or alcohol addiction, Triune Mercy Center offers resources to help. Rehabilitation case managers Pat Parker and David Gay serve as client advocates and guides, assisting those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to connect with the right resources best suited to help them achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Triune maintains strong relationships with community partners like FAVOR Greenville, United Ministries, Greenville Mental Health, Miracle Hill Ministries, The Salvation Army of Greenville and others to ensure those seeking access to substance abuse interventions receive them as soon as possible.

This vital ministry helps so many in our community who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. If you’d like to consider supporting this effort, we are always in need of the following items to help those in their journey:

- Monetary donations to assist with Recovery Bibles, transportation, toiletry kits and more
- Clothing: adult size underwear, socks and flimsies

For more information, contact David at (864) 546-5065, or davidwg@triunemercy.org. Contact Kreg at (864) 546-5066, or pat@triunemercy.org.