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Bob's Friends

Bob’s Friends at Triune Mercy Center

What is Bob’s Friends?

Bob’s Friends is a community of people who are dedicated to a life in recovery. Our community is made up of individuals who have graduated from a recovery program and are committed to a sober and fruitful life. Through the cultivation of long-term relationships and a vibrant community, along with connection to supportive services, we hope to prevent relapse, recidivism, homelessness, and suicide and to make space for transformation, healing, wholeness, wellness, and a flourishing life. We believe that everyone’s life is valuable and worth celebrating, and at Bob’s Friends we celebrate life together.

How did Bob’s Friends start?

Bob is someone who died to suicide after a long battle with both mental health and addiction issues. The Bob’s Friends community has blossomed out of this tragedy through the generosity and compassion of Bob’s family. Bob’s story exposes an urgent and vital need for community and connection in the lives of those in bondage to addiction and mental illness. Bob’s Friends serves as a place where people in recovery can meet regularly to receive guidance and support, build positive relationships, and work to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Who is Bob’s Friends for?

Bob’s Friends is for individuals who have completed (or are nearing completion of) an addiction and/or mental health recovery program, are in stable housing, are in need of supportive services and a vibrant community, are committed to doing the work of recovery and maintaining and healthy lifestyle, and who are hungry for a flourishing and thriving life in sobriety.

How do I participate in Bob’s Friends?

All participants must be referred by a partner community agency. To refer a potential candidate for the Bob’s Friends program, please fill out this referral form by clicking this link. Please note that a referral does not guarantee the candidate entry into the Bob’s Friends community. This will be determined after an initial interview with the candidate.

Have questions? Reach out to Rachael Mason at rachael@triunemercy.org.